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PS3 VGA / HDMI output / ps3videomode
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 09, 2007 3:40 pm    Post subject: PS3 VGA / HDMI output / ps3videomode Reply with quote

I've been looking at the different types of output that you can get with the ps3videomode command

the PS3 has 2 outputs on the back for video
2. multi purpose AV connector, same type as the PS2

since the AV connector is the same as the PS2, I was curious to know if you could get VGA output by using the VGA cable originally supplied with the PS2 linux kit
I'm actually using an adapter that I originally got as part of a CD / adapter kit that allowed PS2 games to be visible at higher resolutions via VGA (I think called Blaze)
However the cable is wired the same as the linux one (it just has pass through for Composite / Audio at the same time)

I've noticed that under PS3 Linux the output is enabled to the HDMI connector and the AV connector at the same time. (under the Game OS menu I'm using HDMI as the primary connection for video)
you can also get a visible image at the kboot prompt via the VGA cable

THe HDMI connector is wired to a 42" Plasma TV via DVI (LG 42PX20)
the VGA connector (via AV output) is wired to a 19" TFT LCD monitor (Viewsonic VS10162)
I could probably get much better results for the monitor by simply wiring the HDMI cable into the back of the monitor via DVI
but I wanted to avoid expensive switchboxes for DVI / HDMI and to be able to output to a 42" plasma or a monitor at the same time
(in game Os mode output to the tv via HDMI, in Linux output to the monitor via VGA and to the TV via HDMI)

note if your going to test different outputs using ps3videomode
it's probably best to use a ssh client so that you can still see what your typing for an invalid mode
I'm still using Yellow Dog at the moment but will be switcing over to Gentoo as soon as I can

Mode Value bit0 - bit3 Select mode / resolution
Valid values 1 - 13 decimal (values 14 and 15 invalid)

-r = +32 bit5 RGB=1 / YUV=0
-f = +128 bit7 FullScreen True / False
-d = +2048 bit11 Dither True / False
bit 4,6,8,9 unknown - perhaps there are some clues in the linux sources


mode   description      HDMI      VGA Cable

YUV 60Hz
1          480i         corrupt    out of range
2          480p         OK         visible but whites appear Green (because of YUV)
3          720p         OK         visible but whites appear Green
4          1080i        OK         out of Range
5          1080p        OK         visible but whites appear Green, also screen shifted to left

YUV 50Hz
6          576i         Corrupt    out of Range
7          576p         OK         visible but whites appear Green
8          720p         OK         visible but whites appear Green, also screen shifted to left
9          1080i        OK         out of Range
10         1080p        OK         out of Range

11         WXGA         OK         out of Range
12         SXGA         OK         out of Range
13         WUXGA        out of Range         out of Range

RGB 60Hz
33         480i         Corrupt    out of Range
34         480p         OK         OK
35         720p         OK         OK, but whites appear a little bit red
36         1080i        OK         Out of Range
37         1080p        OK         visible but can't fit everything on screen

RGB 50Hz
38         576i         Corrupt    out of Range
39         576p         OK         OK
40         720p         OK         OK, also screen shifted to left
41         1080i        OK         out of Range
42         1080p        OK         out of Range

more than likley results will differ from monitor to monitor (I've got no idea as to how well component would do)
basically don't use interlaced if you want to output through VGA at the same time (assuming you've got a VGA cable)
also only use RGB modes and not YUV if you don't want green text on the monitor

I thought the VESA modes may have worked (SXGA) but these don't seem to, perhaps it's something to do with not all the syncronisation wires being in place (the sync on green thing) over the VGA cable
or something related to HDCP

1080p / 60Hz (35) seemed to work but couldn't fit everything on the screen
720p / 60hz fits okay for the monitor but shows up a bit red and there's a bit cut off from the bottom of the plasma (about the best I've managed to get)
720p / 50hz (40) no reddening as above and no cut off on the plasma
but big black vertical borders on the monitor at ether side

I think there's going to be a new native reloution of 1366x768 from looking at this thread
thee might also be some options for messing with the borders in relation to overscan
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