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Setting up Gentoo/FreeBSD
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 13, 2006 9:57 pm    Post subject: Setting up Gentoo/FreeBSD Reply with quote

I am currently poking around with the installation procedure of gentoo/freebsd.
This can be seen as a kind of diary until I've finished setting all up 8)
Any help is apreciated!

So far so good.
I am at the point to install freebsd-sources.
It wants to install 6.2 sources instead of 6.1 sources. No problem so far. So i decided to switch to the 6.2 profile.
emerge -uDpv world wants to install baselayout. Collission-protect encounters it trying to overwrite files from freebsd-baselayout.
I remind to have read that those two packages merged into baselayout. So i think I'll remove freebsd-baselayout. Let's see what happens.
Ok, removing freebsd-baselayout and emerging baselayout went fine. I expected more difficulties.
Created /etc/init.d/net.nve0 symlink to net.lo to set up my networkcard.
I'll head on with compiling newest gcc (4.1.1-r1 over 4.1.1) just to make sure.
hmm emerge -uDpv world has another collision problem with python. i will look into this.
I can't figure out what package ownes the files python wants to overwrite. equery b does not help...
I decided to skip this and head on with upgrade world to 6.2beta2. I want to get the system up and running.
hmm freebsd-lib-6.2beta2 does not know how to make [...] .... whats wrong here?
wow I had not expected that much more problems than last time I installed g/fbsd. This should take longer 8O
So I started over not using 6.2 profile but 6.1. I currently have set up a working shell. Thanks to the guys on #gentoo-bsd I could solve some problems.
Now lets see, where to go from here.

I am not able to mount my ntfs partitions. "link_elf: symbol memset undefined" I have currently no idea whats the problem. Google does not help much.
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