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Ultra 5 + type 5C + 2.4.32 + xorg 6.8.2
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 23, 2006 1:36 am    Post subject: Ultra 5 + type 5C + 2.4.32 + xorg 6.8.2 Reply with quote

Finally, I got xorg working so now I can use mozilla to browse for help :)

I am completely new to Sun/Sparc, so I do have a few [more] questions:

1. Keyboard seems to be working good, except I cannot get out of X into text terminals (control+alt+F1-6)
keyboard section of xorg.conf:

Section "InputDevice"
  Identifier  "Keyboard1"
  Driver      "keyboard"
  Option      "Protocol"    "Standard"
  Option      "XkbKeycodes" "sun(type5)"
  Option      "XkbModel"    "type5"
  Option      "XkbRules"    "sun"
  Option      "XkbLayout"   "en_US"
  Option      "XkbTypes"     "types/complete"
  Option      "XkbCompat"   "compat/complete"
  Option      "XkbGeometry" "sun(type5unix)"

In some forums people suggested to use

Option "HandleSpecialKeys" "Always"

in Section "ServerLayout", but this did not help.

2. My Ultra 5 has onboard ATI 3D Rage Pro with 4MB RAM (at least this is what xorg says)

(--) ATI(0): ATI 3D Rage Pro graphics controller detected.
(--) ATI(0): Chip type 4750 "GP", version 4, foundry UMC, class 0, revision 0x01.
(--) ATI(0): PCI bus interface detected.
(--) ATI(0): ATI Mach64 adapter detected.
(!!) ATI(0): For information on using the multimedia capabilities
   of this adapter, please see
(--) ATI(0): Internal RAMDAC (subtype 1) detected.
(==) ATI(0): RGB weight 888
(==) ATI(0): Default visual is TrueColor
(==) ATI(0): Using gamma correction (1.0, 1.0, 1.0)
(II) ATI(0): Using Mach64 accelerator CRTC.
(II) ATI(0): Storing hardware cursor image at 0xE13FFC00.
(II) ATI(0): Using 8 MB linear aperture at 0xE1800000.
(!!) ATI(0): Virtual resolutions will be limited to 4095 kB
 due to linear aperture size and/or placement of hardware cursor image area.
(II) ATI(0): Using Block 0 MMIO aperture at 0xE2000400.
(II) ATI(0): Using Block 1 MMIO aperture at 0xE2000000.
(II) ATI(0): MMIO write caching enabled.
(--) ATI(0): 4096 kB of SGRAM (1:1) detected (using 4095 kB).
(WW) ATI(0): Cannot shadow an accelerated frame buffer.
(II) ATI(0): Engine XCLK 99.765 MHz;  Refresh rate code 7.
(--) ATI(0): Internal programmable clock generator detected.
(--) ATI(0): Reference clock 157.5/11 (14.318) MHz.

Is there a way to make it work in 1280x1024 x24bpp?
In theory, 3 bytes per pixel at that resolution should fit in 4 MB. On practice, only 1024x768 is available in 24bpp... :(

3. is it possible to use 2D/3D hardware acceleration on this card on sparc?

4. In text console (no X), "Del" works as "Back Space", and it drives me nuts! :evil:

5. if I would put another PCI video card in this box, is it possible to use it as a primary video for the box (or just disable onboard)?
Is there an equivalent for BIOS SETUP where I could look at all the goods under the hood and tweak them?

6. how can I find out my CPU cache size? (cat /proc/cpuinfo does not say it)

Thanks !
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