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[portage] un outil non-officiel mais super-pratique
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 23, 2006 7:57 pm    Post subject: [portage] un outil non-officiel mais super-pratique Reply with quote

Bon, je sais, -1 pour le titre, mais je voyais vraiment pas quoi mettre.

Je pense que ca pourra etre utile a pas mal de monde ;-)

# ./dep --help

dep v. 0.5.8 "And Let The Sun Inside"
an inappropriate Portage engine!

List dependencies and reverse dependencies of packages, and clean the world
file and the set of installed packages.

Action selection:
--usage Display usage
-h, -?, --help Display this help
-V, --version Show version
-P, --purge Unmerge unneeded SLOTted packages (of PACKAGE...)
-d, --depclean Unmerge all unneeded packages (of PACKAGE...)
-w, --pruneworld Remove redundant entries from the world file
-s, --spring-clean An incredibly slow recursive depclean

Info types:
-c, --category Show category resolutions of PACKAGE
-C, --category-packages Show packages in CATEGORY
-e, --versions List versions of PACKAGE, with status
-f, --contents List contents of PACKAGE
-F, --owners List packages owning FILE
-g, --search Search for packages matching PATTERN
-i, --info Display PACKAGE info (HOMEPAGE, DESCRIPTION, etc.)
-j, --changelog(=entries) Display Portage ChangeLog entries for PACKAGE
-k, --keywords Show per-arch keyword status for PACKAGE
-l, --depends (default) List dependencies of PACKAGE
-L, --rev-depends List reverse dependencies of PACKAGE
-r, --provides List virtuals PACKAGE provides
-R, --virtuals List packages providing VIRTUAL
-S, --depstrings Display the dependency strings for PACKAGE
-t, --tree-depends Display the full dependency tree for PACKAGE
-T, --reverse-tree Display the reverse dependency tree for PACKAGE
-u, --usedesc Show USE flags and descriptions of PACKAGE
-U, --iuse List packages that (say they) respect USE
-x, --exists Shows whether PACKAGE depends on later PACKAGEs
-X, --rev-exists Shows whether later PACKAGEs depend on PACKAGE
-z, --size Display disk space used by PACKAGE

Options: (--option=[yes,no] unless otherwise indicated)
[+-]K, --colour=[yes,no,auto,html] Colour output (default: auto)
[+-]v, --verbose[=num] Verbosity level (cumulative) (1 console, 0 pipe)
[+-]1, --for-emerge Produce output suitable for emerge --oneshot (no)
[+-]b, --build-time Include deps needed to build PACKAGE (yes)
[+-]o, --original-depends Calculate deps as when PACKAGE was merged (no)
[+-]q, --unique-depends Show dependencies that only PACKAGE requires (no)
[+-]n, --uninstalled Include uninstalled packages in searches (no)
[+-]a, --ask For -[Pdw]: ask to perform action (yes)
[+-]p, --pretend For -[Pdw]: just show what would be done (no)

A package is unneeded if there is no installed package that depends on it. As a
special case, the running kernel's sources are needed.
A world file entry is redundant if there is another installed package that
depends on it. When merging the new world file, the merging program used is
sdiff(1). Your world file is located at /var/lib/portage/world.
Spring-clean will help find large sets of unneeded packages and orphaned
circular dependency loops.
Env vars - USE, ACCEPT_KEYWORDS, etc., can be used to override /etc/make.conf.

dep is copyright Ed Catmur <> and contributors. Distributed
under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2. NO WARRANTY given.

Votre moment detente
What is the nature of conflict?

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 24, 2006 1:01 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

J'aime bien la signature du concepteur : "dep: Revdeps that work".

Je m'en vais essayer ça ce soir, ça a l'air intéressant. Merci pour le lien, Trevoke !
Pour le titre : [Dépendances] xxxxx xxxx ?
umount /dev/brain
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