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[gentoo-security] GLSA: mysql (200303-14)
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 19, 2003 5:45 pm    Post subject: [gentoo-security] GLSA: mysql (200303-14) Reply with quote

Daniel Ahlberg wrote:
- - ---------------------------------------------------------------------
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PACKAGE : mysql
SUMMARY : remote root exploit
DATE : 2003-03-18 18:12 UTC
EXPLOIT : remote
FIXED VERSION : >=3.23.56

- - ---------------------------------------------------------------------

"This issue has been adressed in 3.23.56 (release build is started
today), and some steps were taken to alleviate the threat.

In particular, MySQL will no longer read config files that are
world-writeable (and SELECT ... OUTFILE always creates world-writeable
files). Also, unlike other options, for --user option the first one will
have the precedence. So if --user is set in /etc/my.cnf (as it is
recommended in the manual), datadir/my.cnf will not be able to override

quote from:


It is recommended that all Gentoo Linux users who are running
dev-db/mysql upgrade to mysql-3.23.56 as follows:

emerge sync
emerge mysql
emerge clean

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