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[Pseudo Poll] memtest benchmark results
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 18, 2003 8:04 am    Post subject: [Pseudo Poll] memtest benchmark results Reply with quote

I looked around for something along these lines and wasnt able to find any thing satisfactory, so here are the guidelines:

1) System Description ( actual out of box hardware description )

for me that is:
amd xp 2400+ ( 133Mhz X 15 ~ 2000Mhz )
asus a7n8x
512MB ddr400 ( samsung -- asus approved chips )

2) Actual ( possibly OC'ed settings )

CPU runs at 200Mhz X 10.5 ~ 2100Mhz
DDR clock is 100% ~ 200Mhz
Timings are 8-4-4-3

3) Memtest scores

CPU as detected by memtest ~ 2104Mhz
L1 Cache [ 128k ] @ 12910MB/s
L2 Cache ----- none
Memory [ 512MB ] @ 1468MB/s

4) For those who have suggestions for improving system bandwidth please include them for the benefit of others.

NOTE: please also include the amount of time it takes for memtest to complete... i recognize that i have not done this, but i am rerunning it as we speak and will add later w/ an edit.

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