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problem with my bootsplash/framebuffer theme
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 28, 2005 1:28 am    Post subject: problem with my bootsplash/framebuffer theme Reply with quote

First: I have no problems with setting up my bootsplash or framebuffer. It works fine. :)

But: The last few days, I have been working on my own bootsplash/framebuffer theme, based upon this gentoo wiki. The basic stuff is working fine, including the progress bar/text. But I'm having some problems with the text I'm trying to display on the splash screen, such as the current kernel version. At first, when the kernel is initializing, this text isn't displayed; then, when the initscripts are running (both on startup and on shutdown), the text is displayed correctly; finally, on the console framebuffers, the text again isn't displayed. Also, when I run splash_util with the relevant parameters, the entire splash screen (silent or verbose) is displayed correctly. At some point, I had everything working perfectly (including the text with the kernel version), but after a few changes to the config file, I haven't been able to get it fully working again.

So, the question is: why is the text not rendered on the splash screen when the kernel is initializing and, more importantly, on the console framebuffer?

This is the configuration file I'm using:
# background color

# background picture

# dimensions of the verbose text window

# where and how is the progress text to be displayed?

# show the progress bar
box silent noover  98 663 925 717 #60606060
box silent inter  100 665 100 695 #46357CA0 #46357CA0 #644BB1A0 #644BB1A0
box silent        100 665 923 695 #46357CA0 #46357CA0 #644BB1A0 #644BB1A0
box silent inter  100 696 100 715 #644BB1A0 #644BB1A0 #46357CA0 #46357CA0
box silent        100 696 923 715 #644BB1A0 #644BB1A0 #46357CA0 #46357CA0

# NB: this text is not visible when the kernel inits and on the console framebuffer
text luxisbi.ttf 128 940 right 10 top #46357C40 "gentoo"

# NB: this text is not visible when the kernel inits and on the console framebuffer
text luxisr.ttf 12 1020 right 765 bottom #B0B0B0 exec "uname -sr"

# create a suitable dark background for the verbose text window
box 22 20 998 745 #00000060
box 27 25 993 740 #00000060

I know I'm taking a somewhat different approach from most themes I've seen, but all the seemingly tricky stuff works fine, except for the text bits. The use of the text object has been introduced by spock in the changelog for gensplash as follows:
Support for the 'text' object. Thanks to the 'exec' flag the text to be displayed can be generated on-the-fly. Yes, this means that you can get fortunes on your verbose/silent screen, displayed in a nice TTF font ;)

I've been using two kernel versions to test this: gentoo-sources 2.6.14-r5 and archck-sources 2.6.14_p5.

I'm probably missing some very simple point here, but what? All help and tips will be greatly appreciated, of course.
Gentoo (64 bits) on AMD64 X2 4400+, MSI K8T Neo2-FIR, 2 Gb RAM, 320 + 160 Gb SATA, nVidia Geforce 6600
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