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blanc wireless router runs "client mode" ? can i use it... ?
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 02, 2006 10:02 pm    Post subject: blanc wireless router runs "client mode" ? can i u Reply with quote

hey all,

i just purchased a blanc wireless router, $2.99 CAD after rebates. wireless cards are $50+, but i was wondering if i could use this "client mode" feature to put two pcs (one gentoo, one wintendo) on a wireless network, and share DSL internet from one routers WAN connection. to clarify, i mean two routers, one in wireless "client mode" and another as a server; its cheaper than buying the pci/usb wireless card.

here's a quote from the manual, but i'm a networking noob and don't want to misinterpret it.
[sorry the screenshot is missing but the 2nd paragraph is a description of items shown in a table. sorry if this sounds like a dumb question, but the salesman at staples said routers only run as wireless servers, and dhcp client is only on the WAN side.

Site Survey The Site Survey button provides tool to scan the wireless
network. If any Access Point or IBSS is found, you could
choose to connect it manually when client mode is
enabled. Refer to 3.3.9 Site Survey.

3.3.9 Site Survey
This page is used to view or configure other APs near yours.
Screen snapshot – Wireless Site Survey
Item I tem D escription
SSID It shows the SSID of AP.
BSSID It shows BSSID of AP.
Channel It show the current channel of AP occupied.
Type It show which type AP acts.
Encrypt It shows the encryption status.
Signal It shows the power level of current AP.
Select Click to select AP or client you’d like to connect.
Refresh Click the Refresh button to re-scan site survey on the
Connect Click the Connect button to establish connection.

thanks in advance,
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