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Problem with xorg-x11 on Alpha (ds3305)
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 20, 2005 2:41 pm    Post subject: Problem with xorg-x11 on Alpha (ds3305) Reply with quote

I am having problems configuring xorg-x11 (6.8.2-r1) on a DS3305 (NT only version of an AS800).
The system has the embedded scsi controller (Qlogic 1040b), Ensoniq PCI Audio card (ES1371), and for
a graphics card an Accelgraphics Accelstar IIv PCI card (the embedded S3 Trio32 is disabled using the jumper
on the motherboard).

I am using the vanilla-sources kernel and it seems to be running correctly (I don't have any problems
other than with xorg-x11). I have set the 'dlloader' use flag and emerged xorg-x11-6.8.2-r1 successfully and
I can 'configure' with either Xorg -configure or xorgconfig (xorgcfg doesn't work as it doesn't seem to know about
permedia based graphics cards.) The problem is that when I try and start the xserver (using the command
X -config /root/ the screen goes black and the system becomes unresponsive. The sync light
on the monitor remains green (it switches to yellow when the monitor is unable to sync). CTRL-ALT-BS does nothing
nor does anything other than the power switch and the reset button. At about the same time the system stops responding
to pings and telnet attempts.

After I reboot (and fsck the disks and reboot again) any log information seems to have disappeared. I have tried another
Permedia2 based card and the VGA driver and the behaviour is identical. What is really frustrating is that a month ago
I had xorg-x11 installed and working on the system (I reinstalled because I added a second disk drive to resolve disk space issues).
Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to obtain any additional information about what is going
wrong? (I don't consider a black screen very informative.) Keep in mind I know just enough about Linux to follow the directions on installing it.
(I am quite knowledgable about some other operating systems but am trying to come up to speed on Linux.)
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 20, 2005 5:40 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Try adding Frame Buffer support and Console Frame Buffer support into your kernel.

In xorg.conf:
Add Load "fbdevhw" to the modules section.
Add Option "UseFBDev" "true" to the device section.
Add BusID "PCI:x:x:x" to the device section. Insert your correct busid for the video card (hint: run lspci from a shell)

Try the fbdev server to see if it all works. Should work perfectly. Then try the correct server for the Permedia card and tweak from there.

I have a Matrox G450 PCI and I get a signal 11 with the mga server, but it works perfectly with the fbdev server. YMMV.
Compaq XP1000 Alpha EV67 667Mhz w/ 2GB ECC
32bit PCI: ATI Radeon 9100 (DRI works!)
32bit PCI: Generic Firewire 400 card
64bit PCI: BCM5703 Gig-E (Compaq NC7771)
64bit PCI: Sil3124 SATA w/ mdadm RAID1 (pair of WD VelociRaptors)
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