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all-in-wonder radeon classic/7500
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PostPosted: Mon May 27, 2002 6:09 pm    Post subject: all-in-wonder radeon classic/7500 Reply with quote

I have two radeon all-in-wonders (AIW). The first is a original AIW. The second is a AIW 7500 i just bought.
What i want to do is watch and record TV on my computer. The problem was i had lost the special output cable that came with my original AIW. So, I could get the tv picture but no sound. I needed that cable to connect the video card to the soundcard ( a SBLive Platinum 5.1)
I also like to play alot of games. So, i decided to buy the 7500 for the boost in 3d power. My understanding is that the 7500 is the fastest card currently suppoted by DRI. And i immediatly noticed the improvement in quake and quake2. Now the problems...
The TV tuner in the 7500 was not recognized. So, no tv picture. At the moment, i have the original AIW in my computer using the cable that came with the 7500. The problem there, besides my new 7500 collecting dust, is i still don't know how to get sound for the TV picture!
My questions:
1. is anyone using the 7500 AIW for TV viewing/recording? If so any tips on getting the TV tuner to work would be much appreciated.
2. to anyone using the original radeon AIW, how do i get sound from the TV tuner to play?

The software i am using is ati-gatos from gentoo plus the DRM kernal module, aview, and km from the gatos site ( The TV signal is digital cable hooked via coax from the cable box into the AIW.
Thanks to everyone who has done all the work on gentoo. It's really been a lot of fun! :lol:
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