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hppa, uname, and perl
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PostPosted: Fri May 27, 2005 7:04 pm    Post subject: hppa, uname, and perl Reply with quote

hi there,

thanks to some help from gmsoft, i've managed to get my k200 parisc server up & running w/gentoo. i'm trying to run some updates, & having some trouble. in particular, i'd like to get portage updated, then move on to the rest of the system. i started with the stage 3 tarball from 3rd qtr '04 (stage3-hppa1.1-2004.3.tar.bz2). when "emerge --update portage" gets to libperl is where i run into trouble:

Run make depend now? [y]
sh ./makedepend MAKE=make
./ line 763: syntax error near unexpected token `)'
./ line 763: `myuname='linux srv3 2.6.11-pa2 #1 smp tue may 24 14:06:46 md
t 2005 parisc pa7200 (pcx-t') 9000800k200 gnulinux ''
./makedepend: line 53: -f: command not found
./makedepend: line 62: makefile: command not found
./makedepend: line 87: -d: command not found
mkdir: cannot create directory `UU': File exists...

and so on, with lots of "./makedepend: line something-or-other: -n: command not found" messages.

I'm suspecting (though I'm far from certain) that my problem is related to the tick mark in the output of "uname -a", at "(PCX-T')".

Linux srv3 2.6.11-pa2 #1 SMP Tue May 24 14:06:46 MDT 2005 parisc PA7200 (PCX-T') 9000/800/K200 GNU/Linux

Is there an environmental variable I can set to change (PCX-T') to (PCX-T), to see if this is indeed my problem? And if I were to do that, would I be digging myself into other inextricable holes? Or is this more likely some other problem, completely unrelated to my uname?

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