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PostPosted: Fri Mar 25, 2005 7:56 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Here it is, vividserv2. This release comes with the blessings of fallow and includes changes which would make an upgrade worthwhile (security fixes).

 * Release by: predatorfreak
 * Release info: Merged fixes from 2.6-dark, merged seccomp, merged lids, merged libata-dev, merged qnet and
 * merged scheduling fixes
 * Release Highlights: Security fixes, seccomp, LIDS, qnet, libata-dev, scheduling fixes.
 * Apply over: 2.6.11
 * Comments: This time I consulted fallow before releasing and included things which I should have included in vividserv1.
 * Broken out of vividserv soon, note I did fix some rejects by hand and didn't rediff stuff, so you might find some rejects.

/* Base stuff */
patch- /* Linux */
lids-2.2.1rc1-2.6.11.patch /* LIDS */
execshield.diff /* execsheild-nx */
patch-2.6.11-qnet1.bz2 /* QNET */
sk98lin_v7.09_2.6.11_patch /* SK98Lin updates */
seccomp.patch /* Seccomp */
2.6.11-kj.patch.gz /* Kernel Janitors patchset, lots of clean ups */

/* Bug fix/Security Fix/Clean up */
clean-up-and-unify-asm-resourceh-files.patch /* Clean up resource.h headers */
mtrr.patch /* Fix MTRR support on some processors */
buffer-overflow-fixs.diff /* Merge the buffer overflow fixes from 2.6-dark */
br-ioctl-fix.diff /* Merge the bridge security fix from 2.6-dark (code from -ac) */
rose_route-fix.diff /* Merge the rose_route.c security fix from 2.6-dark (code from -ac */
kernel-2.6-layer7-1.0.fix.patch /* Merge some QNET fixes */
2.6.11-udp_v4_lookup_fix.patch /* Merge some QNET fixes */
vmlinux-fix-physical-addrs-all.diff /* vmlinux fixes */
properly-share-process-and-session-keyrings-with-clone_thread.patch /* Properly share keyrings */
blockdev-mnt-racefix.diff /* Blockdev mnt race fix */
run-softirqs-on-proper-processor-on-offline.patch /* Read the filename please */
mm-fixes.diff /* Fixes for files in mm/ */
fbdev-cleanup-and-fix.diff /* fbdev cleanup/fix */
sched-timestamp-fixes.patch /* sched timestamp fixes */
sched-timestamp-fixes-fix.patch /* Fix a small problem */
sched-find_busiest_group-cleanup.patch /* clean ups */
sched-find_busiest_group-fixlets.patch /* fixlets */
oops-fix.diff /* Oops fix */
smpbootc-cleanups.patch /* Clean ups */
readahead-cleanups.diff /* Clean ups again */
sys_setpriority-euid-semantics-fix.patch /* Some more fixes */
tty-output-lossage-fix.patch /* tty output lossage fix */
cant-unmount-bad-inode.patch /* Fix some more stuff */

/* Other */
copy_pte_range-latency-fix.patch /* Latency fix */
irqpoll.patch /* IRQ Poll patch */
kmalloc-accounting.patch /* Track memory allocations via /proc/kmalloc */
libata-dev-2.6_03-03-2005.patch /* Improved hardware support and bug fixes */
oom-vm-changes.diff /* Some OOM and VM changes */
openbsd-netrand.diff /* Improved TCP ISN Randomization */
slabtune.diff /* Slab tunings */
swapspace-layout-improvements.patch /* Swapspace layout improvements */

diff link:
System: predatorbox
Distro: Arch Linux x86_64
Current projects: blackhole, convmedia and anything else I cook up.
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