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2.6.11-evil2 "Making A Big Splash"
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 21, 2005 10:26 am    Post subject: 2.6.11-evil2 "Making A Big Splash" Reply with quote

2.6.11-evil2 aka Making A Big Splash

Evil-Sources is back in its original glory. This being probably the only patchset based on the complete -mm (correct me if there is another one that is currently tracking -mm to the letter as much as possible), unfortunately I couldn't include fbsplash in this version because of framebuffer updates in -mm. If there is a patch that doesn't have a source in parenthesis than its a patch that I downloaded directly from the original author.
Applies on top of: 2.6.11-mm4


add-timing-information-to-printk-messages.patch (from nitro-sources):
Adds timing information to prink messages to help identify parts of the boot process that might be taking a long time.

config_hz.patch (from nitro-sources):
Allows you to configure the kernel's internal timer frequency.

config-nr-tty-devices.patch (from nitro-sources):
Allows you to configure the maximum number of tty devices created in /dev.

daconfig-2.2.0.patch (from nitro-sources):
Shows the NAME (set in the Makefile) in the title bar of menuconfig, gconfig, and xconfig.

defaultcfq.patch (from -ck):
Makes CFQ the default IO Scheduler.

inotify.patch and inotify-fix.patch (from -mm):
reversed to facilitate upgrade

latest inotify from rml

mapped_watermark3.patch (from -ck):
Mapped Watermark version 3 (significantly reduces swapping)

Allows you to compile in multiple cpu schedulers and select which one you want to use with a kernel boot parameter. the boot paramater is cpusched=(insert your favorite cpu scheduler here) you should add this to your grub.conf file, the default is ingosched which is the one used in the vanilla kernels. You can override the default with the default cpu scheduler config option, you have to select the configure standard kernel features option in order to select which cpu schedulers you want to compile in (the supported schedulers are ingosched, staircase, SPA no-frills, zaphod, and nicksched), otherwise almost all of them get compiled in (with the exception of zaphod and nicksched).

squashfs2.1-r2.patch (from nitro-sources):
Highly compressed read-only filesystem, useful for livecds.

vesafb-tng (if you don't know what that is then go to

fbmon_revert_make_static.patch (thanks imago):
fixes undefined symbol for vesafb-tng

fbcon-revert-old-con2fb_map-for-fbsplash.patch (thanks imago):
fixes fbsplash compilation

ntfs-compile-fix.patch (thanks imago):
fixes bk-ntfs.patch compilation error

latest stable version of fbsplash

fbsplash-0.9.2-2.6.11-evil2.patch (optional, seperate patch so not in broken-out):
this is a patch that i made myself that reverts fbsplash-0.9.1-r2 and applies fbsplash-0.9.2, *EDIT* a new version of splashutils was just added to portage and it fixes the bug that prevented it from compiling on x86_64, so this will be the default version in the next version.

Patch (from main site)
Patch (from mirror site)

Ebuild (fetches from main site)
Ebuild (fetches from mirror site)

broken-out tarball (from main site)
broken-out tarball (from mirror site)

fbsplash-0.9.2-2.6.11-evil2 (from main site, reverses the fbsplash-0.9.1 included in the main patch and applies fbsplash-0.9.2)
fbsplash-0.9.2-2.6.11-evil2 (from mirror site)

broken-out directory (only on main site)

Hopefully Berlios's Subversion server will be up soon because i also hope to do a -svn ebuild.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT delete the localversion-evil file in the main directory or the version will show up everywhere as 2.6.11, i did this like this because I think that EXTRAVERSION should be used for addtional .# versions, also because no one else does it and it makes it easier to do revision bumps and also for the subversion version i have a seperate localversion-svn which clearly denotes its status as an experimental version and i can just add a --exclude=localversion-svn when i'm ready to roll the patch and the final version doesn't have the -svn in it.
This post has been over explained for newb-informing purposes.

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