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vlc as windows media streaming server
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 05, 2005 6:08 am    Post subject: vlc as windows media streaming server Reply with quote

emerge tvtime
emerge xawtv
emerge smixer
USE="faac" emerge ffmpeg
USE="dvd ffmpeg mpeg mad wxwindows aac dts a52 ogg flac theora oggvorbis matroska freetype bidi xv svga gnutls stream vlm httpd cdda vcd cdio live v4l mp3 ffmpeg-faac" emerge vlc

edit /etc/smixer.conf


# set line input recording
recsrc  Line

This is a small shell script that grabs tv & audio from your bttv card. Things you can change here are vb (video bitrate) ab (audio bitrate), size (video size), and local IP address. This is good for a 256k uplink. When you run the script you can choose your channel and video source input using tvtime and then close tvtime.



#first choose your channel with tvtime
v4lctl volume mute off
smixer -s /etc/smixer.conf

#this is all one line
vlc -vvv 'v4l:///dev/video0:norm=pal:size=320x240:adev=/dev/dsp' --sout '#transcode{vcodec=WMV2,vb=200,acodec=mp3,ab=48}:duplicate{dst=std{access=http,mux=asf,url=}}'

exit 0

Then open windows media player and open url

I use this to send TV to a friend overseas who uses windows. Here is some code to embed the feed into a web page ** remember to change the IP address ** :


<OBJECT ID="MediaPlayer1" width=640 height=480



standby="Loading Microsoft Windows Media Player components..."


<PARAM NAME="FileName"

<PARAM NAME="animationatStart" VALUE="true">

<PARAM NAME="transparentatStart" VALUE="true">

<PARAM NAME="autoStart" VALUE="true">

<PARAM NAME="showControls" VALUE="true">

<EMBED type="application/x-mplayer2"

pluginspage = ""

SRC="http://youripaddress:81" autostart="true" name="MediaPlayer1" width=640 height=480>



If anyone has h264 working on vlc let me know how you did it. I would like to make a version of this for quicktime.
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