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converting windows to UTF8
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 11, 2007 9:32 pm    Post subject: converting windows to UTF8 Reply with quote

hello,i'm migrating all the computer to utf8 because of problems for transfering files between them when they are not utf8
for instance i had a dying windows 2000(dual boot with gentoo) installation with files names encoded in iso8859-15 and i had to move them to a ubuntu computer that is in UTF8
so i had to convert them to the utf8 filesystem
but on another computer where there is ubuntu i have to install windows 2000
and ubuntu is into utf8...and if i change the caracter encoding to the locale of the windows system i'll loose the compatibility with the others gentoo computers...
so the solution apears to migrate all computer/os towards utf8
so what i have to do is:
migrate from posix to utf8(gentoo)
keep the ubuntu in utf8
install/reinstall the 2 windows 2000 with utf8(because i have to install one because of a disk crash...and the other i need to reinstall it because it doesn't work anymore)

i think i have nothing to do for migrating from posix to utf8 is it true?
i don't see anything on the net about installing or migrating windows to utf8 is it possible? how do i do that?
it should be possible because i see there are options for mounting ntfs and fat32 filesystem to utf8(saw that in the gentoo migration guide for UTF8)
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