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Gentoo on GS320 Wildfire???
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 14, 2004 11:27 pm    Post subject: Gentoo on GS320 Wildfire??? Reply with quote

Well, I have a neat opportunity to try and install Gentoo on a fairly decked out GS320, before I have to load Tru64 in a week or two.. It is partitioned as a monolith (one big system with 32 procs)

My fisrt question is:

Is the GS320 HW supported by the Linux kernel? Many of my searches have revealed that it isn't...
If it is supported, has anybody out there gotten it to work? :)

I am having trouble early on--I cannot get the cd to boot. Here is console output.

    show boot*
    boot_dev dke100.
    boot_osflags A
    boot_reset OFF
    bootdef_dev dka0.
    booted_dev dke100.
    booted_osflags 0
    P00>>>show os*
    os_type UNIX
    P00>>>boot dke100 -flags 0
    open fibre pga0.
    open fibre pgb0.
    open fibre pgc0.
    open fibre pgd0.
    open fibre pge0.
    open fibre pgf0.
    open fibre pgg0.
    (boot dke100. -flags 0)
    block 0 of dke100. is a valid boot block
    reading 14 blocks from dke100.
    bootstrap code read in
    base = 802000, image_start = 0, image_bytes = 1c00(7168)
    initializing HWRPB at 2000
    initializing page table at 1fffd0000
    initializing machine state
    setting affinity to the primary CPU
    jumping to bootstrap code
    root partition blocksize must be 8192
    can't open osf_boot

    halted CPU 0

    halt code = 5
    HALT instruction executed
    PC = 20000030

As you can see, it reads the boot block fine, but craps out when it hits the "jumping to bootstap code" part. I would imagine it can't open osf_boot because there is no osf_boot, since I am booting Linux. Do I have to set "os_type" to something other than UNIX? I think the only other valid option is VMS....Is there something else I'm missing that I need to set in the SRM?

I am using the 2004.0 iso from the experimental directory. From what I have read, this is the most current. I have followed the install docs for Alpha. With this newer version iso (the docs reference the 1.4 RC), should I be specifying a "-file NewFileName" on my boot command?

Any thoughts? I'd sure love to see a 32-way 1.2GHz alpha box compile...
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