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PostPosted: Thu Apr 22, 2004 12:05 am    Post subject: Bug Report and Question Reply with quote

First I want to report that the zip-3.2 binary package is broken on the Package Disc Image ! That was very annyoing today while trying to do

emerge --usepkg gnome

-> depends on mozilla
-> which depends on zip-3.2 .....

This ultra10 I'm using was online for several years now but the environment I install linux to it has no internet connection, but a broken floppy drive too. That was real hard work to get this package running ... finally managed by burning a CD with this one file zip32.tar.gz :D

Now to the other Problem:

I want to keep the solaris installation on /dev/hda1 , anything worked fine, but I had a strange effect when I installed SILO, which overwrote the MBR

silo.conf is something like


So I assumed it would install itself to the start of partition 8. But it killed my MBR, so that I was in need to install Solaris again ... annoying fact again .

Later I read that I might have forgot the -t flag for SILO

My Questions:

1. Is it safe to call silo -t in the meaning that this command would NEVER kill the MBR on the SUN DISK ?
2. Can I write savely write back the boot record by doing a
dd if=saved.rec of=/dev/hda count=15 skip=1
when I did a
dd if=/dev/hda of=saved.rec count=15 skip=1
which is recommended in the SILO docs, to save the master boot record for SILO bootblock option booting ?


Keep up the good work. I finally got a nice gnome running. Don't know why my customer doesn't want to throw away his solaris anyway ....

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