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cldr-emoji-annotation conflict with unicode-cldr
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 12, 2020 1:09 pm    Post subject: cldr-emoji-annotation conflict with unicode-cldr Reply with quote

I am maintaining fcitx5:[url][/url] ebuild in gentoo-zh overlay.
Recently fcitx5 has required cldr-emoji-annotation: which is conflict with unicode-cldr.
I talked to author of fcitx5, he will not support unicode-cldr
I found other linux distributions like arch linux use cldr-emoji-annotation instead of unicode-cldr. So I wonder the reason why gentoo use unicode-cldr instead of cldr-emoji-annotation?
And what should I do for the cldr-emoji-annotation? I have three plans now, which is better in Gentoo's way?
1. Maintain cldr-emoji-annotation on gentoo-zh overlay and set conflict with unicode-cldr
2. Add a patch to unicode-cldr as a use flag to keep compatible with cldr-emoji-annotation. I found cldr-emoji-annotation is a part of unicode-cldr except a po file
3. Pull Request to Gentoo Main Repo to replace unicode-cldr with cldr-emoji-annotation. I found unicode-cldr is only needed for ibus with emoji use flag and can be replace with cldr-emoji-annotation.[/url]
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