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Fixing messed up extensions/toolbars in Libreoffice
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 03, 2019 7:30 pm    Post subject: Fixing messed up extensions/toolbars in Libreoffice Reply with quote


Before I go and create Yet Another online account just to ask one question, I thought to ask the experts here...

Situation: LibreOffice on AMD64, non-binary.

I saw that there was a new version of the LanguageTools plugin, so tried to install it as a plugin, then discovered that I had installed it via portage.

As new version was not available, I thought to uninstall it via portage, and install the addon directly from LibreOffice.

That failed... it looks like the emerge -C step left some residue of the version behind somewhere, and LO gave an error during the install.

Poked around the web, found some advice which seemed relevant (similar problem), offered solution was to delete the contents of the extensions cache folder.

So tried that and that's when things went more seriously wrong... :)

Various fixups of my own failed. I removed LanguageTools from LO and reinstalled old version via portage.

However installing other addons does not work too well. The toolbars are messed up ... instead of being how they are supposed to be, they're all-text, even though Options is set to show icons.

Furthermore, the toolbars are listed under View->Toolbars as "Add-on 1", "Add-on 2" etc.

I re-installed LO but that didn't help either.

I assume I need to wipe some directory somewhere and start over, but am reluctant to wipe the wrong things again... and need to make sure I don't leave any "residues" behind that will prevent a clean fix.
I don't mind re-installing extensions again, but it would be nice if other "settings" survived.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Google doesn't find anything related to this, and the LO docs and forums also don't cover these situations.

Thanks, Ian
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 04, 2019 3:32 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi iandoug. If you installed your extensions as a normal user through the extensions manager in LibreOffice, and you're happy to wipe your existing configuration, just do this...
rm -r ~/.config/libreoffice

...and you'll have a fresh installation. You could do something along these lines...
mv ~/.config/libreoffice ~/.config/libreoffice.old

...and then (after starting LibreOffice to create the fresh directories) copy sections of the old .config/libreoffice tree across in an effort to restore your original settings...but it only takes a few minutes to configure most things through the menus so in your situation I'd prefer the tidiness of a clean installation. One thing you might want to backup though is your custom templates if you created any: you can export them through the templates manager.

If you installed your extensions system-wide and you can't uninstall them, you may need to look for stuff to delete in other places like /usr/lib/libreoffice/share/extensions. LibreOffice also pulls in hunspell/myspell dictionaries, which you might have installed with portage...but obviously it's better to remove them with portage than to delete files manually.
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