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how to rename files in random names
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 14, 2019 11:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Why are we helping someone write what appears to be ransomware? I cannot think of a legitimate reason to ever need to randomly rename files.

I'll give you one: Because humans tend to follow patterns, and sometimes you want to avoid them when linking stuff on your website. Don't make it any more explicit.

i can rename files back by hand, but is there a way to let a script do this?

No, you can't. Yes, there is a way to do have a script do that.
i am bad in bash shell scripts

Try to do that yourself, you may learn some neat tricks in the process. Obviously, you will need some sort of a log. Perhaps even a proper database - getting one for tests on your machine won't be a problem. I know it's an overkill, but it ofers a lot of convenience too.

this is for an aprilfool,
If you want your brother to beat you black and blue, just throw a cake in his face. It's just as retarded and not funny, but probably far less destructive.
What if renaming those files actually causes some data corruption? For once, as a noob you're likely to fail with restoring those files (backups, er? Still annoying), then some programs may notice that some data is missing and try to recover. And then you may and up with a few inconsistent versions and possible clashes.
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