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[split] State level tracking
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 22, 2019 5:42 pm    Post subject: Writing on the wall Reply with quote

You need to think about the end-game here. Remember the guy who was fired at Google for daring to express his personal views?

China is implementing a social credit system whereby access to the society is controlled, and denied to those whose views are deemed hostile or undesirable by the government. Don't believe Allah is God the same as the Jewsish God, the same as the Hindu God? No internet for you! Refuse to accept that humans are causing the climate to change? Jail! And no internet for you.

My neighbor, a Romanian, his father during the communist regime was taken from his home in a night raid and thrown into prison for having a bible and preaching outside of an official church. His sister was refused admission to the university. No member of his family was allowed employment.

Had not they been allowed to come to America they would soon have starved to death. The government blocked all of their access to private property, employment, and participation in the marketplace. The mother, who was an accountant, managed to survive on handouts and doing "under the table" accounting for people she knew. If it were not for that they would have perished.

This is what is coming all around the world, a system to deny "deplorables" access to education, employment, and even the internet by preventing your computer from accessing the internet where your undesirable opinions cannot be freely spoken. This will be done by Unique Identifier System.

Yes, I know at this moment it sounds tinfoil hattish, but this is, from what I am seeing, what is coming.

People having access to the internet where they can spout their ideas, and learn things without permission by the government? Oh no no no NO, and certainly not from those who do not hold the approved viewpoints.

You just wait and see. I hope I am wrong but the trend is going in that direction: tyranny, and iron-fisted control of "the last frontier of media."
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 22, 2019 11:08 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Split from If this happens with Gentoo then I'm gone as this is a bit too off-topic for that thread.

Please don't post non-technical, politically focused content outside of Off The Wall.
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