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mail-client/balsa and pop3s
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 15, 2019 8:40 pm    Post subject: mail-client/balsa and pop3s Reply with quote


I recently upgraded from mail-client/balsa-2.5.3-r1 to mail-client/balsa-2.5.6-r1 because the openssl update pushed me in that direction.

I use pop3s to connect to a qmail mailserver and this new version of balsa says Authorization Denied.
K-9 Mail on Android works.
Thunderbird works.
I've tried a self signed cert and a Letsencrypt cert.

Plain pop3 appears to work but I've not tested that over the internet :)

The easy route is to give up balsa but I've been using that for 20 years, so its become a habit.
Being old and cynical, it occurred to me that balsa might be doing something right and all the others doing something wrong.

Step 1 is narrow it down for diagnosis.
I'm pointing the finger at balsa as its the odd one out.

Any diagnostic hints please?

-- edit --

Digicerts SSL checker says that I've put all the bits together in the *.pem file correctly

-- edit --

The account that fails is the only one with spaces in the pass phrase.
I wonder if that is significant?

Test tomorrow.


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