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Blender Alt+G/H/S stopped working (KDE Plasma 5.14)
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 05, 2019 7:30 am    Post subject: Blender Alt+G/H/S stopped working (KDE Plasma 5.14) Reply with quote


I'm a Blender user. Alt+R/G/S reset an object's rotation/translation/scale, Alt+H unhides an object.

2 weeks ago, after an emerge --update world, these keyboard shortcuts suddenly stopped working. Only Alt+R still works.

Now I'm trying to find the cause. I verified that the keyboard shortcuts are still assigned in Blender. And as far as I can see in KDE's System Settings, there is nothing else mapped to Alt+G/H/S.

Anything else I could check?


I discovered something:

If I use KDE's System Settings, Global Keyboard Shortcuts to assign Alt+G/H/S to something, then unassign them again, the shortcuts will resume workingin Blender. Until the next reboot.

So that source of the trouble is KDE's shortcut system, even though the keys in question are not bound to any shortcut.

Still looking for a permanent solution that survives a reboot :)


Update #2: Because with the workaround, this looks very much like a bug and not a configuration issue, I opened a bug report in the KDE bug tracker:
Bug 402913 - Application Shortcuts Blocked by KDE

[Moderator edit: Moved poster's self-response into main post, then deleted that self-response to return the thread to the unanswered list.

OP: Generally, if post length permits, you should edit extra information into your first post instead of replying to it. Some users run a canned search for threads with zero replies as a way of finding posts to answer. When you replied to yourself, you removed your thread from that list, even though you were not replying to announce that the thread was solved. Thus, they would no longer see your thread on the list of unanswered threads.

Thanks, will do so next time :)
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