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evince >= 3.18 window size bug
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 24, 2018 6:04 pm    Post subject: evince >= 3.18 window size bug Reply with quote

I'm not sure whether this question belongs here, so just giving it a try. I used evince since version 2 and almost enjoyed it. However, since version 3.18 it's somewhat messed up. On three of my installations of Gentoo evince restores windows incorrectly. Bottom border tends to run out ot screen bounds and it's really annoying, because, for example, the bottom of the long unfolded TOC simply can't be reached. I have either to open documents in maximized mode or drag the window here and there to adjust bottom border in order to place it inside the visible area every time. This problem also appears in openbox, so it rather looks like evince/gtk+ bug, and not DE's. Is there any cure? Evince's getting worse since the mentioned release, but it's one of those viewers which allows to read pdfs and djvu's. I googled for solution but found nothing.
I also know about zathura, but it neither remembers the window position/size nor allows it discrete page view (single page on screen). Unfortunately Okular is not an option for me, because I don't use KDE and it looks like overkill to pull in half of its ilk for just one viewer, so I'd rather stick with zathura (as a compensation for mentioned "flaws" it allows to read epub with zathura-pdf-mupdf), but want to make sure there's no fix for evince. Any help is appreciated.
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