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Libvirt/Virt-manager stuck in UEFI shell
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 26, 2018 3:25 pm    Post subject: Libvirt/Virt-manager stuck in UEFI shell Reply with quote

Hello all, I've recently installed Windows 10 on a spare drive, which boots by UEFI, so that I can run it both on my actual hardware and in a VM.
The drive is basically pointed to by a raw .vmdk file I made, and provided I set the right permissions on the drive beforehand, Virtualbox can boot it flawlessly.
I haven't been able to find any guides for PCI passthrough using Virtualbox, so I decided to try Libvirt/Virt-manager, as I figured it would be easier.
But the thing is, no matter what I seem to try, when booting the exact same drive in Libvirt, I always get stuck at the UEFI shell, with only BLK0: to BLK2: available (which claim to have no files when ls is used), despite there being 4 partitions on the drive - one of which is a UEFI partition. Normally, anytime I've been able to find an EFI folder on one of those devices, it was FS0:, which seems to be missing.
So does anyone have an idea why a specific partition would appear Virtualbox but not in Libvirt?
I should note that I installed Windows 10 on the drive through Virtualbox, but it can still boot from grub just fine, so I wouldn't think it would be locked to just Virtualbox because it was installed in that VM.
Also, I can't imagine that it can't boot because of the PCI passthrough things I've been playing with, because I have managed to set it up in the past on gentoo, but back then I believe I used a script that ran qemu, so I wasn't dealing with Libvirt.
Thanks for your time, if I've left out any information on my system, just say and I'll try to find it.
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