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Command-line DOS emulation [SOLVED]
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 18, 2018 9:41 pm    Post subject: Command-line DOS emulation [SOLVED] Reply with quote

Hello, I have a project, very old obviously, that although hosted on Gentoo, runs some DOS commands. It does this through WINE. This used to work well enough but now WINE has switched to using DOSBox to run MS-DOS (as opposed to Windows) executables.

This is extremely disruptive because what used to be a command-line process now opens up a separate window to run the DOS command. This means that:
  • The build must be run in a terminal in a GUI session; not via SSH etc.
  • focus is pulled from the IDE etc. whenever a new DOS command is run.
I can well appreciate why WINE uses DOSBox but in my case, the only DOS command I run is a compiler which outputs to stdout and does not perform any graphics. I'd like somehow for its output to appear in the tty in which the build command is running and not in a separate window. Is this possible?
  • I can't change the compiler.
  • I can tweak WINE.
  • I can use something other than WINE to run the DOS compiler.

Later: it looks like the answer is dosemu -dumb. Investigating.
Michael Mounteney
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