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[SOLVED]nmcli: link is not ready
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 02, 2018 8:11 am    Post subject: [SOLVED]nmcli: link is not ready Reply with quote

So yesterday I upgraded sone packages, among them the plasma workspace which now fails to start. Now I was gonna file a bugreport for that, but then I realized the wifi was not working, so i tried

nmcli dev wifi connect 'ssid' password 'password'

But that gives me 'dhcp client failed to start'
dmesg shows that: 'IPv6: wlp8s0: link is not ready'. Now nornally I dont use ipv6, and that used to work. Is thrre a way to force ipv4 with nmcli? And why does it mean that the link is not ready?

I managed to get it up and running with:

nmcli connection up --ask 'ssid'

So now that I have an active internet connection I can finally try and fix plasmashell, I would still like to know what is up with this 'link not ready' stuff though :? .

Forgot to mention that I tried downgrading/upgrading networkmanger dhcpcd and plasma. Also I remember networkmanager gave me the same error before, which was probably why I was using only ipv4 in the first place.
OS: Gentoo KDE x86_64 (~amd64, 5.9.12-gentoo)
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