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profile 2017 - gcc 6.4 - webkit-gtk 2.18.3 faild to build.
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 11, 2017 8:28 pm    Post subject: profile 2017 - gcc 6.4 - webkit-gtk 2.18.3 faild to build. Reply with quote

Hi will not share to much information right now i am im hurry. This thread is just to communicate this issue with others.

During the Profile Change to 2017 in combination using gcc-6.4 and emerged -e world, it breaks down at webkit-gtk-2.18.3:

ninja: build stopped: subcommand failed.
 * ERROR: net-libs/webkit-gtk-2.18.3::gentoo failed (compile phase):
 *   ninja -v -j5 -l0 failed
 * Call stack:
 *, line  124:  Called src_compile
 *   environment, line 5094:  Called cmake-utils_src_compile
 *   environment, line 1464:  Called cmake-utils_src_make
 *   environment, line 1639:  Called _cmake_ninja_src_make
 *   environment, line  577:  Called eninja
 *   environment, line 1993:  Called die
 * The specific snippet of code:
 *       "$@" || die "${nonfatal_args[@]}" "${*} failed"
 * If you need support, post the output of `emerge --info '=net-libs/webkit-gtk-2.18.3::gentoo'`,
 * the complete build log and the output of `emerge -pqv '=net-libs/webkit-gtk-2.18.3::gentoo'`.
 * The complete build log is located at '/var/tmp/portage/net-libs/webkit-gtk-2.18.3/temp/build.log'.
 * The ebuild environment file is located at '/var/tmp/portage/net-libs/webkit-gtk-2.18.3/temp/environment'.
 * Working directory: '/var/tmp/portage/net-libs/webkit-gtk-2.18.3/work/webkit-gtk-2.18.3_build'
 * S: '/var/tmp/portage/net-libs/webkit-gtk-2.18.3/work/webkitgtk-2.18.3'

Everything looks fine. Just three or five lines above i got just this error and nothing else:

/var/tmp/portage/net-libs/webkit-gtk-2.18.3/work/webkitgtk-2.18.3/Source/WebCore/platform/graphics/gstreamer/MediaPlayerPrivateGStreamerBase.cpp: In statischer Elementfunktion »static GstContext* WebC
ore::MediaPlayerPrivateGStreamerBase::requestGLContext(const gchar*, WebCore::MediaPlayerPrivateGStreamerBase*)«:
/var/tmp/portage/net-libs/webkit-gtk-2.18.3/work/webkitgtk-2.18.3/Source/WebCore/platform/graphics/gstreamer/MediaPlayerPrivateGStreamerBase.cpp:311:49: Fehler: »GST_TYPE_GL_CONTEXT« wurde in diesem Gültigkeitsbereich nicht definiert
         gst_structure_set(structure, "context", GST_TYPE_GL_CONTEXT, player->gstGLContext(), nullptr);
[4382/5477] /usr/bin/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu-g++ -DBUILDING_GTK__=1 -DBUILDING_WEBKIT -DBUILDING_WITH_CMAKE=1 -DBUILDING_WebCore -DDATA_DIR=\"share\" -DGETTEXT_PACKAGE=

And the german part: "wurde in diesem Gültigkeitsbereich nicht definiert", translated to english: "was not declared in this scope".

[U] net-libs/webkit-gtk
     Verfügbare Versionen:   
     (3)    2.4.11-r1(3/25)
     (2)    2.4.11-r200
     (4)    2.18.3(4/37)^t
       {(+)X aqua coverage debug doc +egl +geoloc +geolocation gles2 gnome-keyring +gstreamer +introspection +jit libnotify nsplugin +opengl spell test wayland +webgl}
     Installierte Versionen: 2.18.2(4/37)^t(10:01:10 12.11.2017)(X egl geolocation gstreamer introspection jit libnotify opengl spell wayland webgl -aqua -coverage -doc -gles2 -gnome-keyring -nsplugin -test)
     Beschreibung:           Open source web browser engine

Gstreamer was build before:
[I] media-libs/gstreamer
     Verfügbare Versionen:   
     (0.10) 0.10.36-r2
     (1.0)  1.10.3 1.10.5 (~)1.12.3
       {+caps +introspection nls +orc test unwind ABI_MIPS="n32 n64 o32" ABI_PPC="32 64" ABI_S390="32 64" ABI_X86="32 64 x32"}
     Installierte Versionen: 0.10.36-r2(0.10)(22:10:57 10.12.2017)(introspection nls orc -test ABI_MIPS="-n32 -n64 -o32" ABI_PPC="-32 -64" ABI_S390="-32 -64" ABI_X86="32 64 -x32") 1.12.3(1.0)(22:19:02 10.12.2017)(caps introspection nls orc -test -unwind ABI_MIPS="-n32 -n64 -o32" ABI_PPC="-32 -64" ABI_S390="-32 -64" ABI_X86="32 64 -x32")
     Beschreibung:           Open source multimedia framework

[I] sys-devel/gcc
     Verfügbare Versionen:   
     (2.95.3) [M]~*2.95.3-r10^s
     (3.3.6) [M]~3.3.6-r1^s
     (3.4.6) [M]3.4.6-r2^s
     (4.0.4) [M]**4.0.4^s
     (4.1.2) [M]4.1.2^s
     (4.2.4) [M]~4.2.4-r1^s
     (4.3.6) [M]4.3.6-r1^s
     (4.4.7) [M]4.4.7^s
     (4.5.4) [M]4.5.4^s
     (4.6.4) [M]4.6.4^s
     (4.7.4) [M]4.7.4^s
     (4.8.5) [M]4.8.5^s
     (4.9.4) [M]4.9.4^s
     (5.4.0) [M]5.4.0-r3^s
     (6.4.0) 6.4.0^s
     (7.2.0) ~7.2.0^s
       {altivec awt boundschecking cilk +cxx d debug doc fixed-point +fortran gcj go graphite hardened jit libssp mpx mudflap multilib +nls nopie nossp +nptl objc objc++ objc-gc +openmp +pch pgo +pie regression-test +sanitize +ssp vanilla +vtv}
     Installierte Versionen: 6.4.0(6.4.0)^s(15:30:27 11.12.2017)(cxx fortran multilib nls nptl openmp pch pie sanitize ssp vtv -altivec -awt -cilk -debug -doc -fixed-point -gcj -go -graphite -hardened -jit -libssp -mpx -objc -objc++ -objc-gc -pgo -regression-test -vanilla)
     Beschreibung:           The GNU Compiler Collection

The Line Part in the cpp File is:

GstContext* MediaPlayerPrivateGStreamerBase::requestGLContext(const gchar* contextType, MediaPlayerPrivateGStreamerBase* player)
    if (!player->ensureGstGLContext())
        return nullptr;

    if (!g_strcmp0(contextType, GST_GL_DISPLAY_CONTEXT_TYPE)) {
        GstContext* displayContext = gst_context_new(GST_GL_DISPLAY_CONTEXT_TYPE, TRUE);
        gst_context_set_gl_display(displayContext, player->gstGLDisplay());
        return displayContext;

    if (!g_strcmp0(contextType, "")) {
        GstContext* appContext = gst_context_new("", TRUE);
        GstStructure* structure = gst_context_writable_structure(appContext);
#if GST_CHECK_VERSION(1, 11, 0)
        gst_structure_set(structure, "context", GST_TYPE_GL_CONTEXT, player->gstGLContext(), nullptr);
        gst_structure_set(structure, "context", GST_GL_TYPE_CONTEXT, player->gstGLContext(), nullptr);
        return appContext;

    return nullptr;

Since it looks like it just handle a (typo? or special use case) in Gstreamer Version 1.11.0 - which i do not use.. i change the Line to use GST_GL_TYPE_CONTEXT in both cases and hope that i will run through.
Edit: It Worked.
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PostPosted: Tue Dec 12, 2017 9:58 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

That's good you figured this out. Did you have to file a bug report with the maintainers of the package? I am wondering if it is safe to update myself right now --
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Location: de

PostPosted: Sat Dec 16, 2017 7:23 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Really strange:
webkit-gtk builds fine on my desktop machine (Xeon X5650) but fails in an almost identical configuration on my notebook (Core i7).
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