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LightDM greeter-wrappper -setting non-functional?
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 15, 2017 6:21 pm    Post subject: LightDM greeter-wrappper -setting non-functional? Reply with quote

I'll keep this short.

I wanted to run xscreensaver under user "screensaver" when LightDM presents the login dialog.
greeter-setup-script seems to run before X has started so I resorted to using greeter wrapper.
Reading the lightdm.log I can see lightdm (trying to) run the wrapper script + arguments + /path/to/greeter.

I messed around with this but every time LightDM fails to start. So I commented the line and it works again.
Then I set greeter-wrapper=touch /tmp/greeter-wrapper-has-run.blank aaaaand - nothing. I cannot see the file appearing. This means that, if set, session wrapper isn't actually being run at all!
Interestingly - If I give the greeter binary for greeter-wrapper, it works, although in lighdm.log I can see it executing /usr/sbin/lightdm-gtk-greeter /usr/sbin/lightdm-gtk-greeter. So it gives path to itself as an argument, but works anyway.

Can anyone spot an user error here or is this a bug of some strange form?

I also have created this little script to see exactly what's happeing:


echo "Phase - ${phase}"                   

case "${phase}" in   
                bash -x "$(readlink -f "$0")" "$@" &> "/var/log/lightdm/${1,,}.debug.log"
                # placeholder - do nothing   
                # placeholder as well   
                echo "Greeter command: $*"                                           
                sudo -u screensaver xscreensaver &                                   
                exec $command             

If the first argument is debug the the script runs itself with bash -x and creates logs.
However the log doesn't even appear for greeter-wrapper.

Curret lightdm.conf:
display-setup-script=/etc/lightdm/ debug display-setup
greeter-setup-script=/etc/lightdm/ debug greeter-setup
greeter-wrapper=/etc/lightdm/ debug greeter-wrapper
... so pretty much all defaults.

Also no systemd if it matters at all in this case.
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