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Using saned with hplip?
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 04, 2017 8:28 pm    Post subject: Using saned with hplip? Reply with quote

OK, I have three HP 8260 (maybe 8620, I forget) printers connected via USB to a system running Gentoo. The system is bare minimal. It has the shell, CUPS, and SANE. I have saned configured to allow the local network ( at the location) access it. I see the printers with "lsusb". I configured the test client to connect to the server. In other words, I added the server's static IP address to /etc/sane.d/net.conf and set the timeout to 30 seconds. However, "scanimage -L" is not showing the devices. The devices DO work with Gentoo. We have a system connected to one which happens to be a workstation with HPLIP. It works fine. I have HPLIP on the server. Still, even "scanimage -L" on the server shows nothing.

So, we know HPLIP can print and scan from these machines, but I need them to work with SANE so the office staff can do network scanning. I am assuming I need to do something with HPLIP so SANE can see these things, but I do not know what. Help?


I figured out the issue. When hplip was installed it defaulted to "-scanner". I created a USE file for it and added fax and scanner to it, rebuilt, and now it is visible on the system and the remote test workstation! We are in business! Also, they were 8720's...
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