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Mate Caja and Mozo Bugs
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PostPosted: Mon May 08, 2017 4:06 pm    Post subject: Mate Caja and Mozo Bugs Reply with quote

Edited Title and Post to reflect the actual problems.

A recent update to my MATE DE, (I am testing mate-1.14 [-gtk3]) completely wiped out all my custom menu settings and randomly installed my entries any place it saw fit. I am attempting to repair this problem long term using the Spec. However I am having difficulties with many of the Configuration Files.

Desktop configuration files are normally stored in /usr/share/applications/ and ~/local/share/applications, The problem is that these files get displayed in caja with the incorrect file name. It appears that caja is reading the "Name=" key in the file and displaying it with the value of that key as opposed to the actual name of the file. Here is a screen-shot showing the problem. I haven't been able to find a open bug on this issue yet.

Also if there are any invalid .desktop files on the system, mozo will recreate those files in ~/local/share/applications and save them as "mozo-made-<some number>.desktop" which may result in a large number of files with no distinct name. This is a confirmed bug in mozo. If you drag and drop the mozo-made files into your text editor you will be able to determine the applications they belong to, however when attempting to save them with the correct file name once I have edited them as necessary, will produce completely unexpected and often useless results. The only sure way is to use a terminal to edit the files and file names.

The spec says that users are able to create their own .desktop files and menu hierarchies, however I can't keep mozo out of my configs. So the only option is to not use mozo at all.

Should bugs to be filed upstream with gentoo or both?

TIA..... :?
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