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Anyone Else Driving an Electric Car?
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John R. Graham

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 10, 2018 1:31 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Regarding electricity pricing, because of the typical more-than-double efficiency, I just don't see it ever costing more per propulsive mile than gasoline. I also think gas is now on a long-term upward trend, so the disparity is only going to get worse.

Regarding grid load, right now, the power companies can't sell all they can produce at night, so I expect to see increased incentives to charge at night. Long term, the grid will need upgrades to handle all electric transportation, but there's some time to do that yet.

pjp wrote:
John R. Graham wrote:
Even my Prius essentially didn't use brake pads. We went nearly 300k miles on the original set. I expect a pure electric with its larger motor to exhibit this characteristic even more so.
Wow, that is definitely a surprise. I expected it to be like a manual transmission. I've used the engine to slow down in those, but I found it more annoying than just using brakes to slow down when I wanted. I guess the main difference is that the hybrid and electric vehicle motors still engage for breaking. I could be wrong, but it seems that items which are less frequently replaced become more expensive.
Just one more comment on regenerative braking. It's not annoying at all. You see, in an electric car, both the accelerator and brake pedals are primarily "fly by wire". When you push on the brake pedal, the propulsion motor begins to operate in generator mode, pulling kinetic energy out of the car, turning it into electricity, and putting it back in the battery. Push harder and more electricity is generated...up to the limit of the horsepower rating of the motor. In fact, electric cars typically will decelerate regeneratively as aggressively as they will accelerate. Anyway, to continue, push harder still and the friction brakes engage, smoothly taking up the additional load. In practice, light to moderate braking is all regenerative; a panic stop engages both the motor/generator and the friction brakes immediately. But either way you don't do anything special: just press the brake pedal. The "user interface" is excellent. :)

- John
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