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Compilation on low end hardware w. distcc, pump, ccache, lxd
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 23, 2016 11:04 pm    Post subject: Compilation on low end hardware w. distcc, pump, ccache, lxd Reply with quote

## Compilation on low end computers with distcc, pump, ccache and lxd/lxc containers.


This is a simple benchmarking study of different compilation configurations with distcc, pump, ccache and lxd/lxc containers.


I am an experienced Linux user, but a beginner with the Gentoo distro. While running emerge and reading the forums, it became apperent that compiling huge packages, like gcc or a DE, is a very time consuming endeavour. This other day gcc emerged for upgrade. Tried to compile it but the computer shutdown because of too high temprature - Yah! (Later I found out about the 'ondemand' processor configuration and added it as default mode.) So I surveyed my options and compiled my results in this little write-up.

There are no detailed instructions how to install the tools of this setup as they are available elsewhere.

Please feel free to comment, correct or give any suggestions/tweaks.


Computers: 1 master + 2 slaves

Master OS: Gentoo
Processor: Intel Core2 Duo 1.8GHz
Memory: 2G
Swap: 4G

Slave OS: Ubuntu 16.04 + LXD/LXC
Processor: Intel Core2 Duo 2.0GHz & 2.13GHz
Memory: 4G
Swap: 8G

All computers are connected with wire to the same network switch.


Gentoo Master: distcc, ccache

Ubuntu Slaves: LXD (apt-get install lxd zfs) and latest gentoo (amd64) containers (lxc images list images:)

Containers: distcc ccache


Ubuntu Slaves:

lxd init: container reachable from the internet=yes

Gentoo Master:

ip route add [container subnet 1]/24 via [ubuntu slave 1 ip]
ip route add [container subnet 2]/24 via [ubuntu slave 2 ip]



Gentoo Master and Slave containers:

DISTCCD_OPTS="${DISTCCD_OPTS} --log-level notice --log-file /var/log/distccd.log"
DISTCCD_OPTS="${DISTCCD_OPTS} --allow --allow"

-- Fix logfile

touch /var/log/distccd.log
chown distcc:adm /var/log/distccd.log

-- Start distccd

rc-update add distccd default
rc-service distccd start

Comment: If you want localhost to run distcc you have to set "--allow" and add in your DISTCC_HOSTS environment variable. Just setting "localhost" in DISTCC_HOSTS will not trigger distcc on localhost.

For debugging distcc set: export DISTCC_VERBOSE=1


You can use the command distcc-config but the best option is setting the DISTCC_HOSTS environment variable.

Gentoo Master:

export DISTCC_HOSTS="--randomize localhost/2 X.X.X.A Y.Y.Y.A ..."
export DISTCC_HOSTS="--randomize localhost/2 X.X.X.A,lzo,cpp Y.Y.Y.A,lzo,cpp ..." (for running pump)

Slave containers: -


The 'time' command is prefixed to all compile commands. I have not tried to tweak any special variables, like ccache cache size, except the N-value in 'make -jN'. For low end computers, distcc + lxc containers seems to be the best option. I have tried compiling the Gentoo kernel with distcc running on Ubuntu 16.04, but got compiling errors - even with the same gcc version. Installing and configuring a Gentoo toolchain on Ubuntu was daunting and would probably mess up my Ubuntu installation. That's why I took the fast and easy way and installed LXD on Ubuntu, downloaded a Gentoo container image. Voila - the toolchain was now identical, and the kernel could compile without errors.

The gentoo containers are running on the 2 Ubuntu "slaves". The 'lxc' value in the table headers below is the amount of containers utilized for each compile round.

The kernel configuration is customized and slimmed for the computer, if you think the compile time is oddly low.

Testing with distcc,pump and ccache together gives alot of warnings like: "... cannot use distcc_pump on already preprocessed file (such as emitted by ccache)".

As you will see in my results, in this small setup of computers, pump or ccache is not helping getting the numbers down.


After each compilation with ccache you have to run 'ccache -c' and 'ccache -C' to empty the cache before next run. And of course run: make clean.


If you are going to use distcc with emerge you have to configure your make.conf:

Example configuration:

MAKEOPTS="-jN -lM" (N=your calculated number, M=cores on master computer)
CFLAGS="... -march=YOUR_PROCESSOR_TYPE", example: -march=core2, NOT: -march=native (!)

10. CALCULATING N (in make -jN)

Default formula for N is: computers * cores * 2 + 1

But when using LXC containers, that formula will not suit that well. So I had to find value that gives the lowest compile time. It's about hammering the distcc-slaves and keeping them busy all the time, but not to much or you will start to DDos yourself. For this setup, N=45 seems to be the peak value for master.

If you get to many "IO Errors" or "failed to distribute" during make, you probably have to lower the N.


- Could I use my friends computers over the Internet to lower the compile time even further?

- distcc seems to be creating new network connections for every job. If persistent connections could be set up, could that speed things up more?


## Compiling with no helpers

cmd: make

       RUN1         RUN2
real   20m4.354s    20m22.167s
user   19m31.480s   19m52.460s
sys    1m2.170s     1m5.460s

cmd: make -j3

       RUN1         RUN2
real   12m49.139s   12m47.887s
user   22m40.290s   22m41.180s
sys    1m9.780s     1m11.990s

## Compiling with distcc

cmd: make -jN CC="distcc"

lxc/N   2/20        4/30        6/40        8/45
real    6m41.775s   6m20.539s   6m7.839s    6m11.272s
user   10m31.290s   9m52.990s   9m25.970s   9m25.080s
sys     1m2.760s    0m59.480s   1m0.650s    1m3.410s

real    6m40.486s   6m25.932s   6m11.976s   6m9.344s
user   10m27.920s   9m50.820s   9m34.020s   9m27.780s
sys     1m4.620s    1m0.890s    1m1.500s    1m2.330s

## Compiling with distcc and pump

cmd: pump make -jN CC="distcc"

lxc/N   2/20        4/30        6/40        8/45
real    7m2.199s    6m33.341s   6m59.561s   6m56.275s
user    9m14.550s   8m21.150s   8m11.450s   7m37.140s
sys     0m54.030s   0m51.860s   0m52.690s   0m52.400s

real    7m12.727s   6m43.063s   6m57.651s   6m54.132s
user    9m32.270s   8m25.900s   8m14.170s   7m35.300s
sys     0m53.320s   0m53.710s   0m52.620s   0m50.240s


cmd: make -jN CC="ccache distcc"

lxc/N   2/20        4/30        6/40        8/45
real    7m32.975s   6m51.302s   6m39.652s   6m35.960s
user    11m47.400s  10m29.930s  10m4.540s   9m59.630s
sys     1m10.380s   1m6.310s    1m8.380s    1m6.750s

real    7m25.447s   6m54.705s   6m41.620s   6m33.465s
user    11m35.120s  10m39.680s  10m14.620s  9m53.620s
sys     1m9.480s    1m6.010s    1m6.840s    1m7.400s


cmd: pump make -jN CC="ccache distcc"

lxc/N   2/20        4/30        6/40        8/45
real    7m32.727s   6m57.459s   6m40.352s   6m33.930s
user    11m46.700s  10m37.200s  10m7.870s   9m57.190s
sys     0m59.440s   0m57.680s   0m57.560s   0m56.050s

real    7m26.226s   6m53.005s   6m41.323s   6m34.207s
user    11m35.750s  10m31.770s  10m10.770s  9m53.930s
sys     0m59.850s   0m57.800s   0m57.900s   0m57.210s

## END
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 24, 2016 6:40 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I've found:

- there's a lot of "junk" that can't be distcc'ed - so it buys nothing
- Network connection speed hurts - anything less than 100Mbit can really hurt.

My distcc system that I REALLY noticed this behavior:

P3-933 Fujitsu Stylistic 512MB - distcc master. Experimenting with ethernet and wifi.
Core2 Quad 9550S 8GB - Distcc slave (one 32 bit VM, and 64-bit crossdev)
Core i7-2700k 8GB - Distcc slave (64-bit crossdev)

Builds are still very slow on the P3, transferring distcc files to the slaves took a really long time on wifi, and it almost seemed like it didn't really help overall. Behavior is very similar on my Atom 1.6GHz.

Core2 machines that you have are considerably faster than the p3...

I ended up doing Jaglover's suggestion to NFS mount the slow machine and build on the fast one... This might not be an option for you as your machines are on the same order of magnitude, but for me the p3 and many of my other machines aren't even worth being in my distcc pool because of the speed ratios...
Intel Core i7 2700K@ 4.1GHz/HD3000 graphics/8GB DDR3/180GB SSD
What am I supposed watching?
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