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emerge-webrsync hangs in ldom
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 20, 2016 2:21 pm    Post subject: emerge-webrsync hangs in ldom Reply with quote


First, I'd like to say that it's great Gentoo supports SPARC still. I've two T5120 servers and started installing Gentoo on one of them inside an ldom created with 4 VCPUs, 2 GB RAM, and a 40 GB vdisk built with data from /dev/zero on the OpenBSD host. The goal is to schedule regular pkgsrc bulk builds and offer an ldom on the second server to Gentoo developers who want to schedule regular builds of portage or test new versions of Gentoo, and I've mailed the port maintainer with this information.

Using the latest live CD ISO as a vdisk, I booted the ldom to that and started installing to the first vdisk in this ldom using the 20160403 Stage 3 tarball. It's gone fine so far until I ran emerge-webrsync. It hung at Syncing local tree ... with no further output. I rebooted the ldom and started the install where it left off (remounting the file systems) and re-ran emerge-webrsync to no avail.

I couldn't find anything similar in this forum nor from searching online. However, this post from the VirtualBox ticket DB is the most similar report I've found, though I haven't confirmed that with I/O stats on the vdisk. The only clue I have is from the console on the host system which outputs vdsp_write_dring: hv_ldc_copy: 10 several times if I let emerge-webrsync "run" for a while.

Any ideas on how to solve this or tips for debugging it? I know this isn't a common installation technique, but it's my only option as the servers are colocated far away. Four ldoms have been installed using this method so far and I'd like Gentoo to be the fifth so we can see how pkgsrc behaves on it.

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