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PBM: can't change keyboard layout under lightdm
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 20, 2016 11:06 am    Post subject: PBM: can't change keyboard layout under lightdm Reply with quote

Hi all.

I've changed my Logitech wireless keyboard recently, from model 220 (IIRC) to K330. They're both AZERTY. Since I plugged in the new K330 lightdm sticks on QWERTY layout and I have no indication why and what layout it chooses. I have a drop down menu in lightdm that allows me to select between fr_BE, fr_FR, en_US and en_GB (all are UTF8). Just that since I have changed my keyboard that menu does nothing and my keyboard layout is stuck with an English layout. And I have changed none of my configuration parameters before — why would I have had to since everything was running fine!

So here's my Xorg input configuration:
Section "InputClass"
        Identifier "evdev keyboard catchall"
        MatchIsKeyboard "on"
        MatchDevicePath "/dev/input/event*"
        Driver "evdev"
        Option "XkbModel" "pc104"
        Option "XkbLayout" "be"

Here's my locale.gen file:
en_US      ISO-8859-1
en_US.UTF-8   UTF-8
en_GB      ISO-8859-1
en_GB.UTF-8   UTF-8
fr_BE      ISO-8859-1
fr_BE@euro   ISO-8859-15
fr_BE.UTF-8   UTF-8
fr_FR      ISO-8859-1
fr_FR@euro   ISO-8859-15
fr_FR.UTF-8   UTF-8

And my console keys configuration:

As you expect, keyboard layout is correct in TTY consoles! It's also correct *after* I log in from lightdm. Only Lightdm bugs me like this and I have no clue why. And to top it all, Xorg log shows that the correct layout was loaded!
[    21.672] (II) XINPUT: Adding extended input device "Logitech K330" (type: KEYBOARD, id 8)
[    21.672] (**) Option "xkb_rules" "evdev"
[    21.672] (**) Option "xkb_model" "pc104"
[    21.672] (**) Option "xkb_layout" "be"
[    21.672] (II) evdev: Logitech K330: initialized for relative axes.
[    21.672] (WW) evdev: Logitech K330: ignoring absolute axes.
[    21.672] (**) Logitech K330: (accel) keeping acceleration scheme 1
[    21.672] (**) Logitech K330: (accel) acceleration profile 0
[    21.672] (**) Logitech K330: (accel) acceleration factor: 2.000
[    21.672] (**) Logitech K330: (accel) acceleration threshold: 4

But no, the keyboard layout is *not* "be". It cannot even be changed at all from lightdm login manager.

Any idea where/what to look for?

Thanks in advance for any hint/suggestion.
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