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questions and problems on both prefix and rap
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 08, 2016 5:57 pm    Post subject: questions and problems on both prefix and rap Reply with quote

Bear in mind I am a linux know-nothing. Here is my problem:

Trying to use either prefix or RAP on an android machine. With prefix and rap MANY ::gentoo_prefix refuse to stay in prefix. That is to say they are still looking for headers in /usr/include and still treat / as root rather than say /data/gentoo. EXTRA_CONF settings don't seem to help at all. is it hard coded for some things? how can I force it to stay in prefix then?

Chroot works fine by comparison; However don't really want to give up on prefix or RAP. This one problem is proving more of a pain than updating perl. If the paths are hard coded or something where would I look to change them by hand?

edit: Editing the ebuild seems to fix the problem in 90% of the cases. However among the other 10% are: dev-lang/perl, sys-process/procps, sys-libs/glibc, sys-devel/gcc, sys-libs/timezone-data. The latest perl is needed for some of the x11 packages so i'm having a hard time getting xfce or enlightenment working. Most of the reason i'd even use RAP or Prefix over Chroot arm Gentoo is easier access to Android (e.g. the Android framebuffer). There is a perl 5.22.0 package for RAP in the dev/heroxbd overlay that works, but everything wants 5.22.1.

edit2: so a few more things and questions:
1) Found a very unsatisfying work-around for sys-process/procps. move a copy of curses.h up one directory. it's looking in /data/gentoo/usr/include but curses.h is in /data/gentoo/user/include/ncurses (any way to fix?).

2) Seemingly functional work-around for perl 5.22.1. edited the e-build and used the heroxbd patch for 5.22.0 and heroxbd eblits. This works on RAP. Gave up on Prefix for now.

3) glibc and gcc still treat / as their root instead of /data/gentoo as their root. they still ignore --sysroot= as well as --with-headers= and --prefix=.

4) Is it possible for the prefix Gentoo to use the Android openGL? how would one do that? already have it drawing to framebuffer now. Heard that Android's openGL draws surfaces, SurfaceFlinger composites them and then passes them on to frame buffer. Using the native openGL would be the next logical step then right?

5) Is there a way to run a script inside prefix as soon as prefix is er... "started"? That seems to be what a Daemon or initscript is for but even reading about it having a really hard time understanding it.

P.s. #1 and #2 might help others doing the same thing. feels pretty good coming from having only touched linux to setup a gentoo desktop.
P.p.s. is there a better way to format my post?
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