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libnl-3.2.27 breaks networking [Solved]
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PostPosted: Tue Dec 15, 2015 11:25 pm    Post subject: libnl-3.2.27 breaks networking [Solved] Reply with quote

Last night I merged world in my Stable amd64 installation and libnl was upgraded from 3.2.26 to 3.2.27. Today no networks were shown in the NetworkManager front-end (plasma-nm) in KDE 4 after I logged in, and NetworkManager had crashed and would always crash if I re-started it. I downgraded libnl to 3.2.26 and all was well again. Anyone else seeing this problem?

EDIT (12 Jan., 2016): The problem went away after I 'upgraded world' plus manually installed upgrades to a couple of NetworkManager packages. As far as I can tell, other than libnl-3.2.27, the following three packages are the only new versions of network-related packages that were installed:


I don't think Version 9.10.3_p2 of bind-tools made any difference (it was pulled in by the world update a week ago), so I suspect the two NetworkManager packages I manually installed today are what finally helped.
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