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Two blockings: kde-base/kactivities:4 and kde-apps/kde4-l10n
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 22, 2015 11:46 pm    Post subject: Two blockings: kde-base/kactivities:4 and kde-apps/kde4-l10n Reply with quote

I do have two Blockers on my x86 systems. While there are updates to KDE5 out.
I tried to mask the kde-base/kactivities:4 and the kde-apps/kde4-l10n because i thought their translation may a little bit too old
and the ones in kde-framework are the ones which should be used now... But masking them did not help.
At first i thought, i should wait a few syncs until more kde5 packages come in.
And that helped some users here in the forum. But neither for me. :roll:

Here the full output of:
emerge -avuDN world --backtrack=1000 and emerge --info


[blocks B      ] kde-base/kactivities:4[-minimal(-)] ("kde-base/kactivities:4[-minimal(-)]" is blocking kde-frameworks/kactivities-5.14.0)
[blocks B      ] kde-apps/kde4-l10n[-minimal(-)] ("kde-apps/kde4-l10n[-minimal(-)]" is blocking kde-frameworks/kconfigwidgets-5.14.0, kde-frameworks/ktexteditor-5.14.0, kde-frameworks/kbookmarks-5.14.0, kde-frameworks/karchive-5.14.0, kde-frameworks/kguiaddons-5.14.0, kde-frameworks/kglobalaccel-5.14.0, kde-frameworks/ki18n-5.14.0, kde-frameworks/kunitconversion-5.13.0, kde-frameworks/kcmutils-5.14.0, kde-frameworks/kio-5.14.0, kde-frameworks/knotifications-5.14.0, kde-frameworks/kservice-5.14.2, kde-frameworks/kauth-5.14.0, kde-frameworks/kwidgetsaddons-5.14.0, kde-frameworks/kdoctools-5.14.0, kde-frameworks/kconfig-5.14.0, kde-frameworks/kemoticons-5.13.0, kde-frameworks/sonnet-5.14.0, kde-frameworks/kitemviews-5.14.0, kde-frameworks/kjobwidgets-5.14.0, kde-frameworks/kactivities-5.14.0, kde-frameworks/kparts-5.14.0, kde-frameworks/kwindowsystem-5.14.0, kde-frameworks/kcodecs-5.14.0, kde-frameworks/knotifyconfig-5.14.0, kde-frameworks/kdewebkit-5.14.0, kde-frameworks/kpackage-5.14.0, kde-frameworks/kdesignerplugin-5.13.0, kde-frameworks/kpty-5.14.0, kde-frameworks/kdeclarative-5.14.0, kde-frameworks/solid-5.14.0, kde-frameworks/kinit-5.14.0, kde-frameworks/kitemmodels-5.13.0, kde-frameworks/kdelibs4support-5.14.0, kde-frameworks/kunitconversion-5.14.0, kde-frameworks/kemoticons-5.14.0, kde-frameworks/kcrash-5.14.0, kde-frameworks/kdewebkit-5.13.0, kde-frameworks/knotifyconfig-5.13.0, kde-frameworks/kcoreaddons-5.14.0, kde-frameworks/kiconthemes-5.14.0, kde-frameworks/kdesignerplugin-5.14.0, kde-frameworks/ktextwidgets-5.14.0, kde-frameworks/kservice-5.14.3, kde-frameworks/kwallet-5.14.0, kde-frameworks/kdbusaddons-5.14.0, kde-frameworks/kcompletion-5.14.0, kde-frameworks/kded-5.14.0, kde-frameworks/kdelibs4support-5.13.0, kde-frameworks/kpty-5.13.0, kde-frameworks/kitemmodels-5.14.0, kde-frameworks/kxmlgui-5.14.0)
Total: 192 packages (167 upgrades, 19 new, 1 in new slot, 5 reinstalls), Size of downloads: 816.009 KiB
Fetch Restriction: 1 package
Conflict: 2 blocks (2 unsatisfied)
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 23, 2015 8:51 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Portage tells you all you need:

[blocks B      ] kde-base/kactivities:4[-minimal(-)]
[blocks B      ] kde-apps/kde4-l10n[-minimal(-)]

You either do not use the plasma profile, or have set USE=-minimal on your own.

First of all, if you install plasma-5 (pulling in kde-frameworks), several kde4-based packages need to be rebuilt with USE=minimal to stay compatible. Furthermore, there is no kde5, and if you are using kde meta-packages these will pull in a mix of kde4- and kf5-based packages.
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