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kwallet to manage gpg-passphrase?
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 15, 2015 8:32 pm    Post subject: kwallet to manage gpg-passphrase? Reply with quote

Hi folks,

I'd like to use gnupg to encrypt and/or sign my emails. To do so I emerged kgpg and created a pair of public and secret keys (OK, I know that I also could have done that on the command-line ). Next, I told kMail to use this (as described here: ). As for now I think it all works (OK, I have a little fear that I loose all my now encrypted messages because something goes wrong with gnupg because I made some dumb mistake :wink: ).

Everytime I want to sign and/or encrypt an email in kmail a window pops up that wants the gpg-passphrase to be entered which I think this is a pinentry-window. (OK, I know that I set up the time the gpg-passphrase should be hold in memory. That is not my problem.)
But how could I set it up that kwallet manages this for me? I have chosen a rather complicated gpg-passphrase and I would prefer typing in my kwallet-password so that kwallet hands out the gpg-passphrase to kMail (respectively to gpg, gpg-agent or whoever needs it to do the job).

I've read several discussions, webpages and wikis for about two hours and now I'm confused - some cover very old versions (e.g. kde3 so I don't know if I just mess up my setup when I follow such suggestions...) while some others talk about the things to come (e.g. using kwallet under KDE framework 5) and some suggest using software which is not in portage (e.g. pinentry-kwallet).

Do you know a solution?

Kind regards,
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