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multilib vs. single-lib64
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 03, 2015 12:31 pm    Post subject: multilib vs. single-lib64 Reply with quote

Attempting to build icedtea7 (openjdk) in 64-bit form on a gentoo/sparc/multilib installation I realized that it is no longer possible to use the simple approach described in my last post of

icdetea7 has much more library dependencies than icedtea6 and I didn't got them all compiled in 64-bit form on this multilib installation. Hence I tried another way, a way which usually is strongly discouraged by the sparc community: create a single-lib64-installation, an installation which has only 64-bit libraries and executables. Usually considered a no go.

How to arrive there?

1. On the initial multilib installation (CHOST="sparc-unknown-linux-gnu") I set the ROOT environment variable for portage and emerged all packages which I found on the 32-bit (multilib) stage3-image for CHOST="sparc64-unknown-linux-gnu" and added "-m64" to CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS. These are only the most important steps, there are several others but for the sake of shortness I skip them here. The aim was to build a stage3-image for further installation. This part was the most horrible of the whole story but at the end I've got such a basic stage3-image for CHOST="sparc64-unknown-linux-gnu".

2. I used this basic stage3-image for a new installation based on the well known gentoo/sparc installation guide.

3. I added device tree and other missing files from the 32-bit livecd or a 32-bit stage3-image.

4. silo enforces 32-bit code. Use any other 32-bit gentoo or linux installation for running silo or copy the 32-bit silo binaries to the new 64-bit installation. Both works.

5. Now I could boot the new single-lib64 installation.

6. Resolve minor problems with the new installation.

7. Reemerging all packages 2/3 times now from a native 64-bit host

8. Done. The machine is running stable with a performance loss of ~ 20-40% with respect to a 32-bit host

Once the very difficult transition from CHOST="sparc-unknown-linux-gnu" to CHOST="sparc64-unknown-linux-gnu" is done, only very few ebuilds create problems when emerged. Most ebuilds generate clean 64-bit output and are unaware of m64/m32 problems. They can be used without any modification. It was very easy to add X, an xfce desktop and alle required libraries for 64-bit-icedtea7.


# cat /etc/portage/make.conf
CFLAGS="-O2 -mcpu=ultrasparc3 -m64 -pipe"
USE="-systemd -gnome -kde -qt4 cdr dvd dvdr"

# ls -l /etc/portage/make.profile
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 51 Jul 30 19:51 /etc/portage/make.profile -> ../../usr/portage/profiles/default/linux/sparc/13.0

What are the remaining problems which need particular attention?

1. sys-apps/baselayout
The variable SYMLINK_LIB evaluates to "no" which means that /lib64 will be a symlink to /lib. It should be vice versa. This can be fixed by adding SYMLINK_LIB="yes" to the ebuild (-> overlay). Otherwise the system may suddenly get corrupt when emerging baselayout (symlink /lib will be replaced by an empty directory and /lib/ cannot be found anymore).

2. During emerge from time to time a SIGBUS error appears on my machines. These errors are not predictable. Solutions are: 'emerge --resume' or 'FEATURES=keepwork emerge --resume' after cleaning up potentially generated corrupt output files (zero-byte-files) in the build directory under (/var/tmp/portage).

3. As mentioned above, silo cannot be build for 64-bit environment.

4. I could not emerge sys-fs/udev (should be masked). Used sys-fs/eudev successfully.

5. I could not build dev-libs/elfutils (relocation error). This package should be masked as well, it is not really necessary for a basic installation.

6. systemd could not be emerged completely with all dependencies. Use openrc.

I have uploaded a tested (Sun-Blade 1500) stage3-image and 64-bit-icedtea6/7 to
User: gentoo@lariano
Password: java4sparc

for those who like to do experiments. This stage3-image is not the first basic one I used for the initial installation but a new one created later when the installation was completed. Installation should be straightforward using the gentoo/sparc installation guide and this stage3-image.
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