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[wont fix] firefox and seamonkey slow and youtube issue
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 15, 2017 2:19 pm    Post subject: [wont fix] firefox and seamonkey slow and youtube issue Reply with quote

Here on a 3 years old amd asus laptop, firefox and seamonkey are very slow. The graphical driver is radeon. It seam to be a graphical issue, because if I browse website like or my favorite news sites, the speed is acceptable. To reproduce the issue, I started the browser with
seamonkey -P

created a new profile and started it. On youtube, if I look a video, it is OK. I can scale it in fullscreen with the scare right bottom icon on the video. The video appear in fullscreen, which is expected. I can scale it back. The scaling is slow (~1/2 sec), but it work.

If I press F11, this bring seamonkey in fullscreen, but after that, if I try to put the video in fullscreen, the result is completely buggy. seamonley window doesn't change and is still showing the top bar. Its whole window become black with the video on the top left corner and without size change. If I press F11 again, all return to normal operations.

And it is worst. My desktop, fvwm-crystal, have a shortcut to put any window in full screen. If I apply it to seamonkey, its window is put in full screen without the desktop's borders and title. After that, when I click to put the video in fullscreen, nothing append. The video continue to play, the menu of the player that popup with the mouse is freezed and get displayed all the time. If I change the desktop page and come back, that menu is gone, and I cannot get it back with the mouse. If I put seamonkey window at its precedent size, it is resized as expected, but the video player continue to be fully buggy. The only mean to get it back to normal operations is to quit and restart seamonkey. This is the same with firefox, but it also become slower and slower with time (not tested that with seamonkey).

I don't get these issues with google-chrome which work fine. Can I do something about that? Or is it a know issue or an issue I should report upstream to firefox-seamonkey?

EDIT: I try to made a bug report upstream, but mozilla website is freaking me out. When creating the account, it refuse my password. I just don't want to use a password I will not remember. The one I wanted to use already have letters and numbers. Which imply I closed the page and I will remove both firefox and seamonkey from my system. That's sad because I really prefer mozilla philosophy over google imperialism, but my mental health is more important than politics and I don't want to pollute my mind with impossible passwords.

UPDATE:Before it was with the last rt-sources, no cgroups. The window resizing was fast. With the 4.12.12 gentoo-sources, with CGROUP and CGROUP_SCHED, it is slower. Otherwise, same issue. With firefox, its different. The player resize in full screen, but the display freeze. I can reize back, but the player keep freezed. It I change the desktop page (or put another window on top), when I get back the image in the player is updated but still freezed after that. Not tested with the shortcut.
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