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nginx serving MythWeb--help needed
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 10, 2015 9:44 pm    Post subject: nginx serving MythWeb--help needed Reply with quote

I'm trying to get nginx to act as the web server for MythWeb. The target machine will be on my LAN, though I have, in the past, forwarded a port from my router to it so the wife can access MythWeb and schedule recordings from work. Since I'm trying to do a lean-mean-machine install of MythTV and associated elements this time, I'm trying out Gentoo. It's been a real struggle, given my fairly modest technical acumen and knowledge of GNU/Linux. The latest hurdle is trying to get MythWeb up and running: as the title of the thread notes, I am trying to use nginx to act as a sort of web server, due to it's purported lightness.

I'm in pretty far over my head, though I have managed to get nginx and php-fpm installed by following directions on the wiki ( MythWeb has been installed as well. I was trying to work from directions at the MythTV wiki ( to get things going, but did not get very far. Lately I've been informed about webapps-config and have installed it. So I'm trying to puzzle out how to use it for my purposes. The whole thing, which is nearly at the limits of my knowledge/experience, is made even more confounding by the virtual-hosting aspect of webapps-config--something which does not apply at all to my scenario since this MythTV FE/BE combination should only ever need to serve MythWeb as a single site.

I've looked over the webbapps-config man page, config file, the wiki write-up, and have tried a couple of experiments with webapps-config. But they're not going well. Doing some further research, I came across this page, which states, regarding salient parts of the /etc/vhosts/webapp-config file, that "vhost_root is probably the only thing you need to change." I do not understand this assertion: what does it need to be changed to? I can guess it's related to my system's configuration and the web application I have installed, but that's not enough to clue me in to what exact change I might need to make there.

I think I'll have further queries on this matter, but I'll make just this one to begin with. Thanks in advance for any input.
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