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distcc-unfriendly packages
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 17, 2018 7:22 pm    Post subject: distcc-unfriendly packages Reply with quote

How many ebuilds/packages out there are currently unfriendly to distcc due to most likely race conditions?

Seems as of recent (circa 9/2018), at least these packages:

- net-fs/samba-4+ (in, waf still appears to be distcc-unfriendly - race condition)
- www-client/firefox-58 (in, 60.2 (in portage), unsure what is causing problems other than rust; until distrust is no longer a problem... This may have been rootcaused to distcc not passing localization variables and not race condition.
- dev-qt/qtcore, media-sound/audacious - appears to not send correct architecture out all the time causing binary incompatibility
- sys-libs/talloc, tdb, ldb - part of samba fuu (race condition)

cannot be used with FEATURES=distcc ... (need package.env to auto-disable...)

It's unfortunate these packages could benefit from more CPU to build. Anyway are there other packages people have found that cannot be reliably used with distcc?


Okay an aside: These packages do not like being compiled in distcc pump mode, it seems...


Seems to work fine in regular mode.
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