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VLC media doesn't seen to close. It gets stuck.
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 06, 2018 11:39 pm    Post subject: VLC media doesn't seen to close. It gets stuck. Reply with quote

I installed VLC on an AMD machine (x86_64). Machine have previously used a Gentoo as well as a headless NAS, but came to a point where I wanted a new clean Gentoo that was utilizing media and hardware better.
Most things seemed easy enough to get up and running this time, but VLC seems a bit sick. It can play media, but seem to get stuck after playing one file (It seem to have problems with most video formats doesn't seem to "leave").
I want to use player from external machine, so I am using ncurses. It works well, but make the problem that I have with VLC more apparent. If I load a directory it plays the first file and then seems get stuck at end. If I use 'q' to exit, it often don't exit (seems to exit when no video as in mp3). I can CTRL-C here to force it to close.
In the graphical interface I seen it close window when I try to play files. I seem to be able to play one video. There is no problems playing the video (at least through ncurses. Problem seems to be linked to videos.

(I know I could have provided more information, but I needed to track problem down. I been downgrading and shooting off use flags without finding a solution)
The integrated graphics is radeon (PALM). I use radeon driver (AMD_GPU seemed closed for business with therelease of AMD_GPU version 16).
x11 options are AccelMethod=Glamor and ColorTiling, ColorTiling2D and TearFree are set on.
Added driver in kernel.

My current activated use flags are:

X a52 aalib alsa avcodec avformat bidi bluray cdda cddb dbus directfb dts dvb dvbpsi dvd encode ffmpeg flac fontconfig gcrypt gme gstreamer httpd jack jpeg kate libass libcaca libnotify libsamplerate libtiger lirc live lua matroska modplug mp3 mpeg mtp musepack ncurses ogg opencv opengl opus png pulseaudio qt4 qt5 rtsp samba schroedinger sdl sdl-image sid skins speex svg swscale taglib theora truetype twolame udev upnp v4l vaapi vdpau vlm vnc vorbis vpx x264 x265 xcb xml xv zeroconf

(Edit) Seems vlc / libvdpau have problems with my machine, so gotta give vdpau a minus for now (for vlc). I still got vdpau in global and vaapi handles nicely.

My issue is closed, leaving this open as there still is an issue with

Off to dig into firefox/pa issue. Not sure I need PA, so I'll probably just remove it. Guess it would be nice having remote devices just hook up though.
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