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KDE Plasma 5 startup crash
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 22, 2015 9:53 am    Post subject: KDE Plasma 5 startup crash Reply with quote

Before anyone says about put it on the Gentoo Wiki.

There happens to be a few contributors on the wiki that wish to dictate to Gentoo users how they should go about using their Gentoo install. This defeats the object of using Gentoo so i shall add the documentation here. 8O

After an upgrade it caused kwin_x11 crash due to local configuration folders.
It seems that putting help and documentation to help people overcome these problems on the wiki just gets deleted so i'll just put this here to help out anyone who needs this information as so they can get their system back up and running. This step may end up automated if upstream put the stage into the emerge of plasma-meta but at present this is not done automatically and causes a problem.


root# emerge -av kde-plasma/plasma-meta

Do the following in a terminal as a user. This will remove all previous window managers stored data on application screen locations and some decorations which you will need reconfigure but will solve the kwin_x11 crash.


user# rm -rf ~/.cache

user# rm -rf ~/.config/kwinrc

user# kbuildsycoca5

GNU Linux is about choices the user can make, NOT choices a developer makes on the users behalf. Documentation should reflect that so the user can choose which and whatever way he or she wishes to take to achieve whatever it is they wish to achieve, regardless of legality.
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