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New amd64 X86_64 install by kernel 3.16.5-gentoo
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Gert Andersen
Tux's lil' helper
Tux's lil' helper

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 17, 2014 2:54 pm    Post subject: New amd64 X86_64 install by kernel 3.16.5-gentoo Reply with quote


I have made a reinstall form clean install on my 80GB hd with kernel 3.16.5-gentoo.
When I setup the grub.conf have I normally used the setting from my other gentoo pc there run amd64 x86_64 and a kernel there is older than 3..x.x kernel
And I have both a kernel 3.14.14-gentoo and 3.16.5-gentoo on it.
Here is the grub.conf setup with :
root (hd0,1)
kernel /kernel-genkernel-x86_64-2.6.39-gentoo rootfstype=ext3 real_root=/dev/sda3 ramdisk=8192 init=/linuxrc root=/dev/ram0 vga=0x317 video=vesafb:mtrr:3:ywrap spalsh=silens
This can boot with the newer amd kernel but the kernel of newer is use to much mem for some programs.

But it is not the first problem, it is the new clean install i have done
on the new clean gentoo install have I tried to use the same line for the kernel in grub.conf and it make the install to halt and give errors.
so I have this line in grub.conf
root (hd0,0)
kernel /boot/kernel-genkernel-x86_64-3.16.5-gentoo rootfstype=ext4 real_root=/sda3
all of the other commands and functions in the line makes gentoo to halt by errors.

It Work but when gentoo is running is it with normal monitor and vga fonts
I like gentoo here to use smaller font for the monitor so I on this monitor can see ting by 0x317 or 791 pixels or some smaller but not so small that I have problem to see Things on the monitor.

So how can i make this be done?
Gert K. Andersen
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 15, 2015 1:34 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

What video card are you using?

I think you have to compile a kernel with framebuffer support and then pick a mode that is supported by your video hardware. If I've read you right, you wanted to get 1024 x 768 @16 bpp.

I ended up compiling uvesafb into the kernel (no initrd necessary).

hwinfo --framebuffer gave me the framebuffer modes my card supports. I chose one and specified it in my rEFIind.linux.conf file (I don't use a bootloader)

xxx xxx # hwinfo --framebuffer
02: None 00.0: 11001 VESA Framebuffer                           
  [Created at bios.459]
  Unique ID: rdCR.BfO5bYYtG87
  Hardware Class: framebuffer
  Model: "NVIDIA GF104 Board - 10410001"
  Vendor: "NVIDIA Corporation"
  Device: "GF104 Board - 10410001"
  SubVendor: "NVIDIA"
  Revision: "Chip Rev"
  Memory Size: 14 MB
  Memory Range: 0xd9000000-0xd9dfffff (rw)
  Mode 0x0300: 640x400 (+640), 8 bits
  Mode 0x0301: 640x480 (+640), 8 bits
  Mode 0x0303: 800x600 (+800), 8 bits
  Mode 0x0305: 1024x768 (+1024), 8 bits
  Mode 0x030e: 320x200 (+640), 16 bits
  Mode 0x030f: 320x200 (+1280), 24 bits
  Mode 0x0311: 640x480 (+1280), 16 bits
  Mode 0x0312: 640x480 (+2560), 24 bits
  Mode 0x0314: 800x600 (+1600), 16 bits
  Mode 0x0315: 800x600 (+3200), 24 bits
  Mode 0x0317: 1024x768 (+2048), 16 bits
  Mode 0x0318: 1024x768 (+4096), 24 bits
  Mode 0x0330: 320x200 (+320), 8 bits
  Mode 0x0331: 320x400 (+320), 8 bits
  Mode 0x0332: 320x400 (+640), 16 bits
  Mode 0x0333: 320x400 (+1280), 24 bits
  Mode 0x0334: 320x240 (+320), 8 bits
  Mode 0x0335: 320x240 (+640), 16 bits
  Mode 0x0336: 320x240 (+1280), 24 bits
  Mode 0x033d: 640x400 (+1280), 16 bits
  Mode 0x033e: 640x400 (+2560), 24 bits
  Mode 0x0360: 1280x800 (+1280), 8 bits
  Mode 0x0361: 1280x800 (+5120), 24 bits
  Config Status: cfg=new, avail=yes, need=no, active=unknown

Hope this helps.

Sorry if I've misread you somewhat. English is obviously not your first language. You're doing much better than I would in Danish, though.

You might get more help if you moved this to the Kernel and Hardware forum above, BTW.
Asus Prime x370 Pro
Ryzen 2700x
32Gb Samsung B-die (16GB dual rank x2) DDR4
Geforce GTX 1060 6GB
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