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Brightness Control Problem Solved
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 01, 2013 11:44 pm    Post subject: Brightness Control Problem Solved Reply with quote

Thanks to the folks @ #gentoo i was able to finally resolve my Brightness Control Problem. Thee problem came about when i upgraded my Kernel from 3.8.13 to 3.10.7&3.10.17, i had lost all control of my laptop's screen brightness. after troubleshooting i noticed 'ls /sys/class/backlight' gave me an output of 'acpi_video0' along with 'intel_backlight'. it was then clear to me what the problem was, my kernel was choosing 'acpi_video0' instead of 'intel_backlight'. i resolved my problem by adding a parameter to my grub ' acpi_backlight=vendor' and walla problem solved. Now i am left with a question why am i getting acpi_video0 when i do not use ATI driver? the first kernel i ever installed was 3.8.13 and my driver worked out-the-box 'no parameters necessary'. is there a change in all the new kernels that automatically give you both acpi_video0 and intel_backlight? is adding a parameter going to be necessary for all future kernel's? or am i doing something wrong?
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