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hardened-3.9.5 powerdown problem
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 09, 2013 9:18 am    Post subject: hardened-3.9.5 powerdown problem Reply with quote

Hallo forum,
powering down my XEN-server from dom0 is unreliable and - as a guess - in 90% of the attempts to powerdown the system it simply result in a reboot instead. Nevertheless sometimes it works - with no apparent change to the system - and actually turns off power as requested. The command from dom0 is as follows:
shutdown -h now

The alternative approach suggested somewhere using
powerdown -P -h now

does not change anything.

The runlevel it changes to qaccording to the on-screen messages at the console is 0 in both cases, so that shouldn't be an issue.

In both cases pressing the power button during the following POST (resulting from the attempted reboot ) on the server for a couple of seconds seems to be a solution to power off the machine (clearly unplugging the power plug or turning off the PSU works as well). Using the power-button however works reliably, but prevents me from powering down over an ssh connection. To be on the safe side I do have to be physically where the server is located.

BTW in any case when I start shutdown there's no running domU; all of these have gracefully been brought to a stop prior to the shutdown.

I currently have no clue how to narrow down the issue and would be happy for any suggestions. The strange thing is that the behavious is inconsistent.

Thanks and regards Atom2
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