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Gentoo 1.4 on Ultra10
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 08, 2003 6:16 pm    Post subject: Gentoo 1.4 on Ultra10 Reply with quote


I was finally able to get Gentoo working on my Ultra10. A few things to look out for:

1) If fdisk offers cylinder 0 as the starting cylinder on your boot disk, use it.
2) Sun Prom doesn't like SILO using /boot partitions over 100mb or in any other location than the start of the boot disk (i.e. /dev/hda2)
3) Don't forget to add openprom to your fstab
4) Don't attempt to install while having any extra ide cards in the box.
5) It will probably take a couple installs to get it right.. allot enough time for early retirement while you are waiting..
6) Do not add custom CFLAGS to the kernel build (i.e. -march=ultrasparc) as the kernel doesn't quite work with them too well..

For reference, my Ultra10 has equivalent performance of a Pentium III 533. Big performance hit: speed of the built in IDE controller - which is required for booting unless you go scsi. The newer Promise IDE cards (Ultra100+) seem to work for non-boot with better performance but is limited by the 33MHz PCI bus speed.

I'm currently merging xfree from source and will be configuring the built in 3D Rage video tonight. I'm thinking KDE and Gnome will be too heavy to run with any adequate performance as I only have 256mb ram in this box (I'll bump it up in a month or two)...

other experiences?


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PostPosted: Fri Dec 19, 2003 5:57 pm    Post subject: Further Ultra 10 Experience Reply with quote

To follow up with your fdisk experience, I had problems with fdisk refusing to write a sun disk label onto a 20Gb IBM deskstar drive and a
200Gb Western Digital drive.

fdisk did not produce any errors when I created the sun label and partitioned the drives. I then wrote the partitions to the drive and exited fdisk. But when I opened fdisk on the drive again the sun label was not to be found.

I resolved this by plugging my solaris HD back in, and using the 'format' under solaris to label both drives. After that linux fdisk was happy to partition and the install went smoothly.

The WD drive came with a free promise UDMA PCI controller which I plan on trying this weekend.

Other hardware I have working in this box:
Belkin USB + Firewire combo card,
Apple Pro USB Keyboard
Logitech USB Trackball.

The trackball I had working under solaris by altering the openprom aliases. I haven't done the same for the apple keyboard since I don't want to risk losing my Stop key. So instead, I have the sun keyboard plugged in which works for openprom and SILO. (This keyboard is normally tucked away under the desk.)

Once the kernel loads the Apple keyboard is live and the sun keyboard
is dead. Both of the usb ports on the Apple keyboard are live and I have a Griffen Powermate plugged into one of these ports. (The powermate module loads fine, but I cannot find the option to compile the evdev module which is needed by some of the demo/test programs for the powermate.)

Anyone have thoughts on which kernel option enables evdev?
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