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Errore shutdown polkit-kde-authentication-agent
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 20, 2011 10:14 am    Post subject: Errore shutdown polkit-kde-authentication-agent Reply with quote

Salve a tutti.
Dopo l'ultimo aggiornamento ho un fastidioso errore di kde allo shutdown (linko una foto, perché non mi da il tempo di fare screenshot o altro).

Qualche idea?

I pacchetti aggiornati sono stati i seguenti:
These are the packages that would be merged, in order:

Calculating dependencies  ... done!
[ebuild     U ] sys-libs/glibc-2.11.3 [2.11.2-r3] USE="nls -debug -gd -glibc-omitfp (-hardened) (-multilib) -profile (-selinux) -vanilla" 15,409 kB
[ebuild     U ] app-misc/pax-utils-0.2.2 [0.2.1] USE="-caps" 80 kB
[ebuild     U ] sys-libs/timezone-data-2011b [2010o] USE="nls" 378 kB
[ebuild     U ] app-arch/xz-utils-5.0.1 [4.999.9_beta] USE="nls threads -static-libs" 1,208 kB
[ebuild     U ] dev-libs/libdaemon-0.14-r1 [0.13-r1] USE="-doc -examples" 333 kB
[ebuild     U ] net-misc/dhcpcd-5.2.10-r2 [5.2.8] USE="zeroconf" 70 kB
[ebuild  N    ] perl-core/PodParser-1.38  101 kB
[ebuild  N    ] virtual/perl-PodParser-1.38  0 kB
[ebuild     U ] x11-misc/util-macros-1.12.0 [1.11.0] 65 kB
[ebuild     U ] dev-java/javatoolkit-0.3.0-r6 [0.3.0-r4] 0 kB
[ebuild     U ] app-admin/conky-1.8.1-r2 [1.8.0-r1] USE="X ncurses portmon thinkpad truetype wifi -apcupsd -audacious -curl -debug -eve -hddtemp -imlib -iostats -lua -lua-cairo -lua-imlib -math -moc -mpd -nano-syntax -nvidia -rss -vim-syntax -weather-metar -weather-xoap -xmms2%" 599 kB
[ebuild     U ] dev-java/log4j-1.2.16 [1.2.15-r2] USE="-doc -javamail -jms -jmx -source" 2,727 kB
[ebuild     U ] dev-lang/v8- [] USE="readline" 10,221 kB
[ebuild     U ] dev-libs/libgpg-error-1.10 [1.7] USE="nls -common-lisp -static-libs%" 429 kB
[ebuild     U ] dev-util/dialog-1.1.20100428 [1.1.20080819] USE="nls unicode -examples -minimal%" 391 kB
[ebuild     U ] app-admin/eselect-1.2.15 [1.2.14] USE="-bash-completion -doc" 166 kB
[ebuild     U ] dev-libs/libksba-1.1.0 [1.0.7] USE="-static-libs%" 572 kB
[ebuild     U ] dev-libs/libassuan-2.0.1 [2.0.0] USE="-static-libs" 483 kB
[ebuild     U ] net-dns/avahi-0.6.28-r1 [0.6.25-r1] USE="dbus gdbm ipv6 python qt4 -autoipd -bookmarks -doc -gtk -howl-compat -mdnsresponder-compat -mono -test" 1,210 kB
[ebuild     U ] dev-libs/libxslt-1.1.26-r1 [1.1.26] USE="crypt python -debug" 0 kB
[ebuild     U ] net-misc/curl-7.21.4 [7.21.3-r1] USE="ipv6 ldap ssl -ares -gnutls -idn -kerberos -libssh2 -nss -static-libs% -test -threads" 2,204 kB
[ebuild   R   ] sys-kernel/tuxonice-sources-2.6.37  USE="symlink -build -deblob%" 0 kB
[ebuild     U ] dev-libs/opensc-0.12.0 [0.11.13-r2] USE="doc pcsc-lite readline ssl zlib (-openct%*)" 1,377 kB
[ebuild     U ] net-fs/samba-3.4.12 [3.4.9] USE="acl client cups fam ldap netapi pam readline server smbclient -addns -ads -aio -avahi -caps -cluster -debug -doc -examples -ldb -quota -smbsharemodes -swat -syslog -winbind" 34,027 kB
[ebuild     U ] x11-libs/pango-1.28.3-r1 [1.28.3] USE="X -debug -doc (-introspection) -test" 0 kB
[ebuild     U ] app-crypt/gnupg-2.0.17 [2.0.16-r1] USE="bzip2 ldap nls -adns -caps -doc -openct -pcsc-lite (-selinux) -smartcard -static" 3,904 kB
[ebuild     U ] app-text/winefish-1.3.3-r1 [1.3.3] USE="spell" 0 kB
[ebuild     U ] www-client/chromium-10.0.648.151 [10.0.648.114] USE="cups gecko-mediaplayer -gnome -gnome-keyring -test" 140,704 kB
[ebuild     U ] sys-auth/polkit-0.99-r1 [0.96-r1] USE="kde%* nls pam -debug -doc -examples -gtk% (-introspection) (-expat%)" 1,019 kB
[ebuild     U ] net-wireless/bluez-4.87 [4.82] USE="alsa consolekit cups pcmcia usb -attrib -caps -debug -gstreamer -health -maemo6 -old-daemons -pnat -test-programs" 3,364 kB
[ebuild     U ] net-analyzer/wireshark-1.4.4 [1.4.3] USE="caps ipv6 pcap pcre python ssl zlib -adns -ares -doc -doc-pdf -gcrypt -geoip -gtk -kerberos -lua -portaudio -profile (-selinux) -smi -threads" 20,000 kB
[ebuild     U ] kde-base/kdelibs-4.4.5-r3 [4.4.5-r2] USE="acl alsa bzip2 fam handbook nls opengl policykit semantic-desktop spell ssl -3dnow (-altivec) (-aqua) -bindist -debug -doc -jpeg2k (-kdeenablefinal) (-kdeprefix) -kerberos -lzma -mmx -openexr -sse -sse2 -test -zeroconf" 0 kB
[ebuild     U ] dev-vcs/subversion-1.6.16 [1.6.15] USE="berkdb dso java kde nls perl python webdav-neon -apache2 -bash-completion -ctypes-python -debug -doc -emacs -extras -gnome-keyring -ruby -sasl -test -vim-syntax -webdav-serf" 5,381 kB
[ebuild     U ] net-libs/xulrunner- [] USE="alsa custom-optimization dbus ipc java libnotify startup-notification wifi -debug -gnome -system-sqlite" 50,345 kB
[ebuild     U ] www-client/firefox-3.6.15 [3.6.13] USE="alsa custom-optimization dbus ipc java libnotify startup-notification wifi -bindist -gnome -system-sqlite" LINGUAS="it -af -ar -as -be -bg -bn -bn_BD -bn_IN -ca -cs -cy -da -de -el -en -en_GB -en_US -eo -es -es_AR -es_CL -es_ES -es_MX -et -eu -fa -fi -fr -fy -fy_NL -ga -ga_IE -gl -gu -gu_IN -he -hi -hi_IN -hr -hu -id -is -ja -ka -kk -kn -ko -ku -lt -lv -mk -ml -mr -nb -nb_NO -nl -nn -nn_NO -oc -or -pa -pa_IN -pl -pt -pt_BR -pt_PT -rm -ro -ru -si -sk -sl -sq -sr -sv -sv_SE -ta -ta_LK -te -th -tr -uk -vi -zh_CN -zh_TW" 106 kB

Total: 35 packages (32 upgrades, 2 new, 1 reinstall), Size of downloads: 296,859 kB

Grazie e ciao!
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